GIF: Masha Hoop and Ball 2013 elements ♥

Masha’s hoop and ball 2013 elements I like, GIF ! ♥♥♥
Hoop – Black Swan Flying, I love her swan lake hoop routine sooo much, there are sooo many movements I like in this routine ♥ I would love to do a 90 secs gif, pity that’s impossible, the file will be too big…XD
Maria Titova-Hoop 2013-Black Swan Flying
Ball – Exchange
Maria Titova-Ball 2013-Exchange
Maria Titova-Ball-AA-GP Thiais 2013-by Olivier PRIEUR

One thought on “GIF: Masha Hoop and Ball 2013 elements ♥

  1. Hi Maria, I have been following you on Instagram for two years now! I just noticed that you stopped uploading new photos since November 2022. I hope you are okay, safe, and healthy!

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