Maria Titova-the Swan-Wall-Wings-by Hershey
A Fans site devoted to a Russian young , promising RG Gymnast – Maria Titova

For me, Masha is the most beautiful to watch in Russian rhythmic gymnastics team now. And she is very ELEGANT! I love her style, she is sooo uniquein in RUS team. Her elegance is nature born, something you can’t have by practicing.

Quoted my friend Hershey’s words about her “Maria Titova is so controlled with her body and she knows what music is playing and how to interpret them. I think she belongs to the elegant family of Russian gymnasts, something we haven’t seen for many many years, like a long time ago with Barsukova or Belova. The Swan Lake hoop has so many details, and the spirit really matters, I felt a real swan is on the carpet, something haven’t seen in a long time when countless gymnasts chose this music.”

I created this website for her, hopefully to provide more information about her for fans. And Wish her all the BEST. Good Luck and Davai Masha!!!  Давай, Маша!!! 加油小TT !!! (小TT是我對她的暱稱 哈哈哈)

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