Masha will compete in 28th Galina Gorenkova Memorial Tournament in OMSK

Maria Titova-28th Galina Gorenkova Memorial Tournament-OMSK-2013-11
From November 27 to December 1 in Omsk will be the traditional, 28th in a row, the All-Russian competition in rhythmic gymnastics memory of Honored Coach of the USSR Galina Pavlovna Gorenkova. In the past, Zhenya Kanaeva competed in this competition many times, this year Vera Shtelbaums’ new student Maria Titova will take part in this competition, Good Luck to Masha!!! Wish her all the BEST!!!

I don’t know whether Zhenya will attend in this event or not, I will keep updating if I have more information.

Information about this event please read this article


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Masha for photo session

Last week, RUS team did photo session, saw some photos from the photographer’s or gymnasts’ instagram…this one was posted by Dmitry Kornev. Masha was making up. Seems it’s balletic style, I think among the active gymnasts, Masha is the one suiting the balletic style most. Looking forward to the photos coming out 🙂

p.s. I don’t like the pic posted by Oleg Naumov, so I didn’t post here… 😛 and usually I don’t like to post instagram photos in my website and fb page, well this one is exceptional.

Balance between strength and elegance

Maria Titova the Swan-Wall-Balance between strength and elegance-1024-Zoe
Quoted from this article:
written by Мария Жданова (Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics choreographer)
Many Thanks my friend Alyona for the Translation!!!

“I enjoyed Maria Titova very much. I managed to get to the event finals and Maria impressed me with her clean execution technique. The ideal of the rhythmic gymnastics is a balance between strength and elegance. It’s a common practice when little girls are being over trained in terms of power training and at the age of seven-eight years old their growth slows: the muscles don’t let the bones grow. It is very obvious in artistic gymnastics. There short height and well developed muscles are the base of the sportive technique. Titova was not spoiled. Her body hasn’t been disfigured Continue reading

Picture of the Day: Pure and Pretty Girl

Maria Titova-RUS Championships St. Petersburg 2013-136
I couldn’t help to create a post here for this photo, Mashen’ka (a kind way to call Maria 🙂 ) is just sooo pretty!!!!!! Such pure and beautiful !!! My eyes are almost blind hahaha [好喜歡][好喜歡][好喜歡] [好愛哦][好愛哦][好愛哦] Many thanks Sergey Antonishkis for this wonderful photo, this is his photos album:
亮瞎我的雙眼美哭了啊 [淚][淚] [花心][花心][花心]

And he just uploaded another wonderful pic (800×1200), Masha’s ribbon in RUS Championships 2013
Maria Titova-RUS Championships St. Petersburg 2013-137

P.S. RUS RG team made photo session yesterday, I saw a pic of Masha…don’t like her make-up at all, too heavy!!! Mashen’ka doesn’t need heavy make-up, she is so young and beautiful, light make-up is enough. Hopefully, the photos would be good, I think soon we will see.

Gymnast Titova did not think of winning in the Russian Championship prior to the start of the tournament

Maria Titova-RUS Championships St. Petersburg 2013-107
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 on 03-11-2013
Originally written in Russian by Ivan Tugarin, Translated and edited by catts

Maria Titova said, prior to the start of the Russian RG championship, her goal was not about taking first place but to perform as good as possible.

Russian RG championship ended on Sunday in St. Petersburg. Titova came first in all four individual apparatus, but remained below the winners in the all-around competitions.

“Of course, I’m happy with my performance, but most importantly, the trainer was pleased. Continue reading

Maria Titova-EF Winner Interview-RUS Championships 2013-Translation

Big Big Thanks my friend Alyona for the English translation [心][心][心]

Masha says that her aim was to perform in a nice way and to live up to her coach’s expectations. It is a big honour for her to be trained by Vera Shtelbaums. She tries to do her best at the trainings and competitions. During this year she has changed many coaches and it was not easy to get used to a new one every time. Continue reading