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Sofia Cup 2015 (playlist, withdrew after two routines)

MTK Cup Budapest 2015 (playlist)

Summer Universiade Gwangju 2015 (playlist)

International Tournament-Holon 2015 (playlist)

Russian Championships Penza 2015 (playlist)

28th MTM Competition Ljubljana 2015 (playlist)

Moscow Championships 2015 (playlist)

Grand Prix Moscow 2015 (playlist)

80th RG Anniversary Gala Show, 15 Feb 2015 (playlist)

Masha montage and something interesting
[vimeo w=698&h=392]

29th Galina Gorenkova Memorial OMSK 2014

Grand Prix Brno 2014 (playlist)

Berlin Masters 2014 (playlist)

World Cup Sofia 2014

World Cup Stuttgart 2014 (playlist)

Grand Prix Thiais 2014 (playlist)

Grand Prix Moscow 2014 (playlist)

28th Galina Gorenkova Memorial-OMSK-2013 (playlist)

Russian Championships St. Petersburg 2013 (playlist)

Grand Prix Berlin 2013 (playlist)

Grand Prix Brno 2013 (playlist)

World Cup St. Petersburg 2013 (playlist)

World Cup Pesaro 2013 (playlist)

World Cup Bucharest 2013 (playlist)

Grand Prix Holon 2013  (playlist)

Grand Prix Moscow 2013 (playlist)

World Cup Kiev 2012 Junior Team Competition-Ribbon

4th Russian Chinese Youth Games 2011 (playlist)

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