11 thoughts on “RG Calendar 2015

  1. Updated! Added 7th Senior Asian Championships 2015 and the date of Russian Championships Penza 2015 has been changed to 14-20 April 2015

  2. updated! 1st Russian Championships in Kazan (individual) is postponed and will be held on 24 Feb-02 Mar and added one more Russian Championships in Kazan (group) which will be held on 23-28 Mar 2015

  3. @loverg, I found the date in RUS RG federation website, this is the calendar 2015 they posted in their website
    (including international and Russian competitions)

    The title of the page “Календарь соревнований » Календарь соревнований 2015” means “Calendar of events »Events Calendar 2015”

    I did this calender, the information some got from FIG, some got from RUS RG federation website, some got from RUS RG forum.

    p.s. 28 Feb- 2 Mar that was the date in 2014

  4. Where did you find the date for Moscow GP 2015 (18-23 feb)? I thought this competition would take place 28 feb – 1 march.

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