Masha performed in star children gala show 27th Oct 2013

Maria Titova-Star Children Gala Show-27th Oct 2013-04
Masha performed clubs routine in star children gala show yesterday in Moscow. The gala show also invited Olympic silver medalist Irina Chaschina, World Champion Olga Kapranova, Olympic Champion in group Uliana donskova and Karolina Sevastyanova. read more in this article: Big Thanks Dmitry Kashlikov for the photos!!! ❤

Below the photos slide show for this event.

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Russian Championships in St. Petersburg 31 Oct – 04 Nov 2013

Maria Titova-RUS Championships St. Petersburg 2013-157
(Big Thanks Evgeny Matveev!!! 1000×1500)

31 Oct – 04 Nov 2013 Russian championships will be held in St. Petersburg . This is for individual seniors.
Good Luck to Mashen’ka!!!!!!!! Go Davaiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 小tt 加油!!!!!! [給力][給力][給力][hold住][hold住][hold住]

Below are some information about this competition

Official website:

Full results here (Qualification, AA final, EF)


On line broadcast:

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Grand Prix Final Berlin 2013, 19-20 October

(thanks my friend Michel )

The final stage of Grand Prix in Berlin, Berlin Master will be held in 19-20 October, Masha again will compete! (click here) and Merkulova won’t compete.
Good Luck to Masha!!! Wish her all the BEST!!! Udachi!!! Davai!!!!!!!!!! [給力][給力][給力][hold住][hold住][hold住]

Official website:
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Masha’s new coach – Vera Shtelbaums!!!

I got the confirmed information from Masha, Vera Shtelbaums is Masha’s coach now!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! My little daughter Masha trained by the legend coach,  both my two daughters (Zhenya and Masha) trained by Vera Shtelbaums! Happy Happy Happy!!!!! Good Luck to Masha and Vera Shtelbaums and Wish them all the BEST!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥
Maria Titova the Swan-Photo Collage-Masha-Vera Shtelbaums-all the BEST

Picture of the day: Swan Lake Leo front vs back

Thanks Barny!!! I bought the photos, Masha in GP Brno, my favorite leotard this season – Swan Lake leo, see the great design from the back and front. It means white and black swan 🙂 Magnificent !!!
圍觀一下尊爵不凡天鵝湖leo的背面, Barny照片我買的 [嘻嘻][哈哈] 這設計真的太讚了啊, 就是前面白鵝後面黑鵝, 中間都有一個點, 膜拜ing!!! [威武][好喜歡][好喜歡] 正面圖也放上去對比一下

Maria Titova the swan-photo collage-Swan Lake Leo front vs back

And add one facebook banner + one collage
Maria Titova the Swan-FB banner-little Mermaid-by Hershey
歐 我家小主美女小tt 即使結束時手中少了一個棒子還是氣定神閒, 爆美姿勢結束!!!!!
偶不行了[許願][好愛哦][好喜歡] 巴大叔開掛了, 小主好像小美人魚[花心][心][心] 感謝Hershey 調色 [心]
Maria Titova the Swan-FB banner-little Mermaid-by Hershey

Maria Titova the swan-photo collage-crying for your beauty
我小女兒, 俄羅斯的小主是不是美哭了 [淚][淚][好喜歡] 巴大叔一直還沒公開在傳照片, 我就貢獻我買的照片拚個圖, 謝謝 Hershey 調顏色 [心]
Maria Titova the swan-photo collage-crying for your beauty