GIF: Masha-Ribbon-Ending Pose-Happy Caravan-Tashkent 2012

Masha-Ribbon-Ending Pose-Happy Caravan-Tashkent 2012-logo
Another GIF, I love Masha’s ribbon ending pose in Happy Caravan Tashkent 2012, junior team competition, extract from Marc’s video I bought. I found Masha having good reaction of ending, she did well too in WC Kiev 2012.

And different ending pose in WC Kiev 2012
Maria Titova-Ribbon-Junior Team Competition-World Cup Kiev 2012-logo

And this is the still photo of her ending in this competition, taken by Oleg Naumov!!!
Maria Titova-Ribbon-ending-junior team competition-Happy Caravan Tashkent 2012

Four Banners a set by my friend Hershey, Many Many Thanks!!!

My friend Hershey did four banners a set for this website, many many thanks to HER!!! All are so beautiful, and my favorite is the black swan hoop 🙂 what about you? 😉

P.S. you can see most of the art work of this website in design page or in photobucket: Maria Titova the Swan Design / Maria Titova Collage

P.S. I did a Masha’s facebook banner, just a simple one, a photo montage with facebook cover size 850×316 😉
Maria Titova the Swan-FB banner-Masha in Action-by Zoe
(photo by Barny Thierolf, banner/photo montage by Zoe Wan)

And a new facebook banner-Zoe-27th June-2013 
Maria Titova theSwan-FB Banner-Zoe
(photo by Barny Thierolf, banner/photo montage by Zoe Wan)

Irina Viner talking about Masha in her EC 2013 post interview (from

Maria Titova-Training-EC Vienna 2013-13
(Masha and Irina Viner at EC Vienna 2013)

Original article link: click here
English translated by Alyona, many thanks!!! (sorry only translated Masha’s part)

Q: Last year the second spot for the Olympics was decided between Daria Dmitrieva and Alexandra Merkulova. Where are these girls now?

Irina Viner: Merkulova is getting ready for the Universiade. She was injured and gained some weight. Unfortunately she didn’t manage to get in the required shape. And moreover, we have Maria Titova who showed wonderful performances in World Cups. She could participate in the European Championship as well but Continue reading

Quiz game: guess! what is the color of Masha’s new ribbon routine leotard?

In WC St. Petersburg, Masha didn’t wear new ribbon leo, so this quiz game canceled, sorry – Zoe-21 Aug 2013

Let’s play the guess leotard color game again, but this time it’s Masha’s turn XDD. OK I saw Masha was training with new apparatus, new ball, new clubs and new ribbon in Vienna last week. Her new clubs and new ribbon are very beautiful. Continue reading

Masha ribbon-junior team competition-World Cup Kiev 2012

Thanks Marc, and I bought the video, here you are Masha’s ribbon 2012 in World Cup Kiev for junior team competition!!! I think she did well, better than I expected hahaha
music: “Romeo and Juliet” by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky