Irina Viner naming Masha the face of RG because she is much alike with Maya Plisetskaya!

Maya Plisetskaya and Maria Titova
Just translated a short part of this article, big thanks my friend Tatiana!!!

Yana Batyrshina said: “It is not a secret for anyone that Masha Titova is Irina Viner’s favourite. Our head coach predicts her Olympic gold, naming her the face of RG because she is much alike with Maya Plisetskaya.” (Legend Russian ballerina!)

Ни для кого не секрет, что любимица Ирины Винер — Маша Титова. Главный наставник нашей команды прочит ей олимпийское золото, называя эту девочку лицом художественной гимнастики, потому что по фактуре она очень похожа на Майю Плисецкую.

OMG!!!!!!!!!! Irina Viner really has VERY high expectation on Masha!!! I just hope she can improve step by step. Because no matter what, hard working is the most important. May God Bless Masha!!!

Maria Titova-Avatar-Peaceful Beauty-by Hershey

World Championships Kiev 2013, 28 Aug-01 Sep

Maria Titova-WCH Kiev 2013-22
(photo by Tom Theobald, Big Big Thankssssssssssss ♥♥♥)
Next week will start the most important RG competition this year, the 32rd world championships in Kiev. Not like before, NO team competition this year, so two individual gymnasts most per country. (before you can send 4 gymnasts most) Masha is not selected to compete, but she will fly Kiev to cheer for her teammates on 27 August. Hopefully one day she can take part in worlds 🙂

Following are some information about this event:

Official website:
FIG microsite: click here
UKR RG federation:
FIG youtube:
Start list: individual and group
Live scoring: click here
Full results pdf book (13MB): click here

General programme:

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Vote: Your favorite Masha’s leotards 2013

Maria Titova-New Leotards 2013
Masha has worn 6 new leotards this season,  I created a poll, which one is your favorite Masha’s leotards in 2013? The clubs green leo was wore by Daria Kondakova first, thus I excluded it.

My favorite is her new hoop leo, the black and white, those feathers looks sooooooooo delicate!!! It’s sooo cool and fit the theme of swan lake perfectly !!! But I love all her leotards, all are very beautiful, except the new clubs pink one.

FIG RG World Ranking 2013

Maria Titova 2013
After World Cup St. Petersburg 2013, the final stage of World Cup series this year. The results of World Ranking 2013 in RG came out. Masha, she only competed in 2 games in World Cup series this year, thus couldn’t get high points in total. (World Cup series counted best four games points), Masha ranked 13th in AA, 15th in hoop, 14th in ball, 18th in clubs, and 20th in ribbon. Considering she just participated in 2 competitions and Continue reading

Happy Birthday My Dear Masha ♥♥♥

Happy Birthday to my little daughter lovely lovely Masha!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥ She turns 16 today !!!!!
Wish you healthy, happy and with lots of love! I hope one day you can clean all your routines in a competition. Keep working, I see you improving A LOT in St. Pertersburg.

May God Bless you today and always. A wallpaper I did, it’s smile wallpaper for you “Let your smile change the world, don’t let the world change your smile” And new banners for swan Masha birthday 🙂

P.S.  Just got the information from Masha and her mom, Masha is temporarily trained by Olympic champion Julia Barsukova now!!!! but her coach is still Dinara Gimatova. The Swan Queen trains the new little swan, hopefully Masha can learn more from Julia Barsukova. 🙂

我的小女兒小tt Maria Titova 16歲生日快樂!!!!!!!!!! [蛋糕][禮物][心] 希望你保持健康, 順順利利成長, 器械上心不要老是掉啊, 哪天你要是能四套都clean 我一定放鞭炮慶祝 [哈哈] 希望妳早日完全clean! Wish you all the BEST my dear Masha [好愛哦][心][心] 小小桌布送給你 smile wallpaper + 新的頁首跟fb banner

Smile wallpaper
Maria Titova-Smile  Wallpaper-Zoe-19th August 2013 banner-980×285
fb banner-850×315
Maria Titova the Swan-Happy Bday 2013 fb banner-Zoe

World Cup St. Petersburg 2013, 16-18 August

Maria Titova-WC St. Petersburg 2013-34
Yes! finally, Masha will compete again!!!! She will take part in World Cup St. Petersburg 2013 as “out of competition” which will be held next week, 16-18 August. Good Luck to Masha, Wish her all the BEST!!! Hopefully she can perform well!!! BTW, UKR gymnasts won’t participate, they are preparing for World Championships Kiev at home.

And 12-14 Aug will be juniors international tournament for gymnasts born in 1999.

Below are some information of this event:

Official website:
Participants List:

P.S. in the participants list, the “HC” means “Hors concours” is French for “out of competition”

Start List: click here (individuals and groups)

On-line broadcast:

Schedule: from RUS RG federation

August 14, 2013

Juniors International Tournament:
Junior Individuals – born in 1999, the all-around (hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon)
Junior Groups – born in 1999, the all-around (5 hoops and 10 clubs)
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Photo Gallery: Masha in Croatia Summer Camp by Oleg Naumov

Masha is still in Croatia for summer camp, but soon she will return to Moscow, and I hope she can compete in World Cup St. Petersburg in mid of August. About Croatia, let me explain, Irina Viner bought a training base and house there for summer camp for Russian National team and some other gymnasts from other countries, so they will do training there every summer.

Here you are the photos gallery, Big Thanks Oleg Naumov!!!