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Maria Titova Avatar-01-2015
Full Name: Maria Pavlovna Titova (Russian: Мария Павловна Титова)
Short first name: Masha (Russian: Маша)
Chinese Nickname: 小tt (I named it 我取的, 哈哈 XD)
Date of Birth: 19th August 1997
Place of Birth: Zarechny, Penza Oblast, Russia
Zodiac: Leo
Chinese Zodiac: Ox
Brothers and sisters: Masha is the only child of the family
Height: 175 cm (Masha updated herself)
Age of starting RG: 5 years old
Former Coaches: Maria Barkarova (Мария Баркарова), Alla Yanina, Diana Gimatova (1st half of 2013), Vera Shtelbaums (2013 Sep – 2015 Feb)
Current Personal Coach: Marina Govorova (2015 Feb till now)
Head coach: Irina Viner

Favorite Apparatus: All apparatus
Favorite Gymnast: Irina Tchachina
Hobbies: Music and reading
Favorite Ballet dancer: Svetlana Zakharova
Favorite Color: All bright and light colors
Favorite Author: No
Favorite Music Type: All kind of music
Favorite sports besides RG: Hockey
About Ballet: Masha does ballet every day since Oct. 2012

Irina Viner’s words about Maria Titova: This gymnast has big future. We rely on her. Maris Titova is a unique pearl.

Maria Titova’s words: For me it’s easier to explain myself with the movements not with the words. That’s why I love gymnastics. It is the most beautiful and elegant kind of sport.

Competition Results:
The owner of the gold, silver and bronze medals of the Fourth Russian-Chinese Youth Games in 2011.
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Note by Zoe: There is a wiki page for Masha created, and many information just copied from my website, of course you can quote, but I hope ask me first when you want to use my information, at least you should note the source is from my site, after all, Masha’s personal information is me to find out, some I asked from her directly!
Maria Titova

5 thoughts on “Maria Titova Profile

  1. There is a wiki page created for Masha, and I found many information just copied from my site! Please if you want to do that, ask me first, at least you should write the original source is from my site, we translated Irina Viner’s interviews and comments and Masha’s personal information is me to find out, some information I asked from her directly.

  2. Updated this page! got some information from Masha!!! 🙂 such as her height, weight, brothers and sisters, favorite apparatus, favorite gymnast, favorite author, favorite ballet dancer, favorite color etc…

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