Masha competed in “Moscow Championships 2015”!

Masha Titova-Ribbon 2015 Ending
Just read the information, thanks Russian Team Daily. Masha competed yesterday for “Moscow Championships 2015”, other participants Arina Averina, Dina Averina and Yulia Sinitsina etc. Yesterday they did hoop and ball, today they will do clubs and ribbon. Day three they will do 4 apparatus.
Good Luck to Masha, Wish her All the BEST!!! [給力][給力][給力]

Start List for 13 Mar 2015 (Masha no. 19, Good Luck to Masha!!!)

Here are some scores for day 1 and day 2
Maria Titova:
Hoop – 19.000
Ball – 19.200
Clubs – 19.650
Ribbon – 19.050

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