World Championships Kiev 2013, 28 Aug-01 Sep

Maria Titova-WCH Kiev 2013-22
(photo by Tom Theobald, Big Big Thankssssssssssss ♥♥♥)
Next week will start the most important RG competition this year, the 32rd world championships in Kiev. Not like before, NO team competition this year, so two individual gymnasts most per country. (before you can send 4 gymnasts most) Masha is not selected to compete, but she will fly Kiev to cheer for her teammates on 27 August. Hopefully one day she can take part in worlds 🙂

Following are some information about this event:

Official website:
FIG microsite: click here
UKR RG federation:
FIG youtube:
Start list: individual and group
Live scoring: click here
Full results pdf book (13MB): click here

General programme:

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