Cup of Russia in Kazan, 05-09 Dec 2013 (individual and group)

Maria Titova-Cup of Russia Kazan 2013-22
This weekend Cup of Russia, individual and group will be held in Kazan. Masha will compete again. I think this time we will see more new routines from other gymnasts in this competition. Good Luck to Masha and all the gymnasts!!! Wish my Mashen’ka all the BEST!!! удача !!! Davaiii !!!!!!!!!

BTW, Irina Viner’s interview in November mentioned this event in the last paragraph: From 7 to 8 December Kazan will host the Cup of Russia on the individual program and group exercises. “Alexandra Merkulova will compete if she finally recovered from injury and will be at a normal weight. Perhaps Mamun and Kudryavtseva will show a new program they have prepared” – summed Viner.

Below are some information about this event:
Official website:
individuals (1997 and older, 30 gymnasts) + groups (29 teams)
December 5 – Day of arrival

December 6 Testing , training 09:00 – 19:00
Meeting of representatives of the teams 19:00

December 7

Cup of Russia 10 clubs group exercises . Total 29 teams

1 stream 15 teams – 11:00-12:15
2 stream 14 teams – 12:15-13:25

break 13:25-14:30

Cup of Russia hoop and ball ( around) . A total of 30 people.

1 stream 15 people – 14:30-15:45
2 stream 15 people – 15:45-17:00

December 8

Cup of Russia 3 balls + 2 ribbons group exercises . Total 29 teams .

1 stream 15 teams – 11:00-12:15
2 stream 14 teams – 12:15-13:25
rewarding 13:30-13:45

break 13:25-14:30

Cup of Russia clubs and ribbon ( all-around) . A total of 30 people.

1 stream 15 people – 14:30-15:45
2 stream 15 people – 15:45-17:00
rewarding 17:10-17:30

December 9 – Day of departure

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21 thoughts on “Cup of Russia in Kazan, 05-09 Dec 2013 (individual and group)

  1. Thanks for the full results, article and pictures. She seems to be gaining confidence which is good. She will be clean on all 4 events eventually. I am happy she is doing well.

  2. Full results
    results downloaded here
    Individual AA
    1. Maria Titova 18.266 19.000 19.200 18.100 total 74.566
    2. Arina Averina 72.048
    3. Dina Averina 70.999
    4. Anna Trubnikova 70.899
    5. Ekaterina Vedeneyeva 69.883
    6. Alexsandra Soldatova 69.332
    7. Christina Dynina 69.065
    8. Diana Ibragimova 68.799

    And add more photos to gallery and photobucket
    click here

  3. Russian championships notes are always over-scored, I agree, but I’m really enjoying Masha. This championship for sure she came out more confident and attentive.

  4. It is a national event, many times, the gymnasts are over-scored for that. However, one can’t make judgements until one sees the videos. Even in international meets, people think some gymnasts are overscored, so it isn’t something to worry about.

    These events help to build confidence, the more she practices in a competitive environment. International meets are where we will see where she stacks up and are more meaningful to me.

  5. @A. MEI, in hoop she is OK. even though I still thought the score is too high, but anyway this is the competition in Russia. overscored means today, someone said Masha made mistakes…well I have to wait videos to judge and wait the detailed results. But I can image she was overscored like in Russian Championships and Galina Gorenkova Memorial.

  6. It’s official now! Masha won AA!!! Congrats!!! But someone said she is overscored…I really hope that Irina Viner doesn’t do this for her, this is not good!
    AA podium pic
    1. Maria Titova
    2. Arina Averina
    3. Dina Averina

    Yana Kudryavtseva-new Ball routine-Out of Competition
    Yana K-new ribbon routine-out of competition

  7. I agree A. Mei I like that she is clean or at least getting there. She is improving each time which is great to see.

    It’s nice about the AA result but I guess we will see if it is official.

  8. News,
    MOSCOW, December 6 – R-Sport, Anna Manakova. Gymnasts Margarita Mamun , Yana Kudryavtseva and Daria Svatkovskaya perform at the Cup of Russia in rhythmic gymnastics with new programs out of the competition, said the agency “F-Sport” Russia coach Amina Zaripova.

    Cup of Russia on the individual program and group exercises will be held in Kazan on December 7-8. In the individual all-around gymnasts will compete 30, showed the best results in the Russian Championship, which was held in early November in St. Petersburg.
    “Cup of Russia – a competition in which will participate with 30 gymnasts Russian championship. Three gymnasts Margarita Mamun, Ian Kudryavtseva and Darya Svatkovsky – will perform without competition – Zaripova said by telephone. – The girls now a new program, and they begin their obkatyvat slowly. This will be a kind of exemplary performance and will not be evaluated. ”

    Gymnast Alexandra Merkulova could not take part in the Russian league due to injury. Earlier, the chief national coach Irina Viner said that perhaps the gymnast to take part in the Cup of Russia, but according Zaripova, this is unlikely.
    “Merkulova, likely will not participate at the Cup of Russia. Now she trains in another room, and I can not say anything about her condition,” – explained Zaripova.

    Cup of Russia will be the final start of the season all the Russia.

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