Russian Championships Penza 2014, 21-27 April

Maria Titova-RUS Championships Penza 2014-61
Next week Russian Championships will be held in Penza. Masha will compete again. Good Luck to Masha!!! Wish Masha all the BEST!!! [給力][給力][給力]

Below are some information about this competition:
Official website:
On-line Broadcast: (22-26 April)
Participants List:
from RUS national team
1. Yana Kudryavtseva 1997
2. Margarita Mamun 1995
3. Alexandra Merkulova 1995
4. Anna Trubnikova 1996
5. Maria Titova 1997
6. Ekaterina Vedeneyeva 1994
7. Alexandra Soldatova 1998
8. Christina Dynina 1998
9. Diana Ibragimova 1998

Start List: 23-24 April


April 21 – Day of arrival, the credentials committee

April 22 – Testing, training

April 23 – the competition number 1 – the hoop and ball

Opening of the Championships 15:00 – 15:30

April 24 – the competition number 1 – clubs and ribbon

April 25 – the competition number 2 – the all-around, 30 strongest gymnasts (by competition number 1)

April 26 – the competition number 3 – Finals in individual events, 8 gymnasts in each form (based on the results of the competition number 1)

April 27 – Day of departure

Masha-RUS Championships Penza 2014 photos album (78 photos now)

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26 thoughts on “Russian Championships Penza 2014, 21-27 April

  1. Full results AA final and EF
    Ribbon EF
    1 Maria Titova 19.533
    2 Alexandra Soldatova 18,967
    3 Dina Averina 18,500
    4 Ekaterina Selezneva 18,500
    5 Arina Averina 18,383
    6 Diana Ibragimova 17.267
    7 Maria Pavlova 17,000
    8 Anna Musatova 15,900

    Clubs EF
    1 Ekaterina Selezneva 18,600
    2 Arina Averina 18,517
    3 Ekaterina Vedeneyeva 18,100
    4 Dina Averina 17,933
    5 Diana Ibragimova 17,567
    6 Alexandra Soldatova 17,017
    7 Alexandra Merkulova 17,017
    8 Polina Khonina 16,400

    Ball EF
    1 Arina Averina 18,900
    2 Alexandra Soldatova 18,667
    3 Ekaterina Vedeneyeva 18,533
    4 Ekaterina Selezneva 18,100
    5 Maria Titova 18,000
    6 Dina Averina 17.967
    7 Anna Musatova 17,850
    8 Maria Pavlova 17,133

    Hoop EF
    1 Alexandra Soldatova 18,950
    2 Dina Averina 18,400
    3 Arina Averina 18,183
    4 Ekaterina Vedeneyeva 18,100
    5 Christina Dynina 17,800
    6 Alexandra Merkulova 17,633
    7 Maria Titova 17,567
    8 Anna Musatova 15,300

    AA Final
    1. Yana Kudryavtseva 77.483
    2. Margarita Mamun 77.250
    3. Alexandra Soldatova 75.383
    4. Maria Titova 74.667
    5. Ekaterina Selezneva 73.450
    6. Dina Averina 72.867
    7. Arina Averina 72.600
    8. Ekaterina Vedeneyeva 70.783

  2. @M, I think hoop is not a problem (although I am not fond of this routine) ribbon is her stablest apparatus this season so far, the 2nd is hoop. the big problems are still her ball and clubs orz…She added some new movements in hoop routine, that’s why she is a bit unstable in hoop in this event.

  3. She is obviously most comfortable with ribbon. Congrats to her for winning that. She might need to change her ball and hoop routines so that she can be more comfortable performing them and limit mistakes.

  4. Masha ribbon EF clean! 19.533! Gold in Ribbon Congrats!!!
    Too many competitions for Masha recently! 5 competitions in 6 weeks, I think she is tired, hopefully she can have a break after this event.
    Masha ribbon final video
    Clubs and Ribbon EF Award Ceremony

    Ribbon EF podium
    1. Maria Titova 19.533
    2. Alexandra Soldatova 18.967
    3. Dina Averina

    Clubs EF podium
    1. Ekaterina Selezneva 18.600
    2. Arina Averina 18.517
    3. Ekaterina Vedeneyeva 18.100

    Masha made mistakes in hoop and ball EF……poor
    Ball EF 18.000
    Hoop EF 17.567

    Ball EF podium
    1. Arina Averina 18.900
    2. Alexandra Soldatova 18.667
    3. Ekaterina Vedeneyeva 18.533
    Ekaterina Selezneva 18.100
    Maria Titova 18.000
    Dina Averina 17.967

    Hoop EF podium
    1. Alexandra Soldatova 18.950
    2. Dina Averina 18.400
    3. Arina Averina 18.183
    Ekaterina Vedeneyeva 18.100
    Christina Dynina 17.800
    Alexandra Merkulova 17.633
    Maria Titova 17.567

  5. Aww, nice that she spoke to the media. She will hopefully continue to work on her nerves. it’s nice that she has a psychologist helping as well.

  6. Good Luck to Masha in finals!!!
    Event Finals start list (Mamun and Kudryavtseva will not participate event finals.)
    Dina Averina
    Christina Dynina
    Ekaterina Vedeneyeva
    Arina Averina
    Alexandra Soldatova
    Maria Titova
    Alexandra Merkulova
    Anna Musatova

    Maria Pavlova

    Arina Averina
    Dina Averina
    Diana Borisova
    Alexandra Soldatova
    Maria Pavlova
    Ekaterina Selezneva
    Ekaterina Vedeneyeva
    Maria Titova

    Anna Musatova

    Ekaterina Vedeneyeva
    Alexandra Soldatova
    Arina Averina
    Dina Averina
    Ekaterina Selezneva
    Diana Borisova
    Polina Khonina
    Diana Ibragimova

    Alexandra Merkulova

    Maria Titova
    Anna Musatova
    Diana Borisova
    Alexandra Soldatova
    Ekaterina Selezneva
    Diana Ibragimova
    Arina Averina
    Dina Averina

  7. Masha’s part translation in this article, many thanks my friend Alyona!!!
    According to the results of the all around competition representative of Penza region Maria Titova took the forth place. “I have accomplished my task for 80%. Sometimes things go wrong. I am happy but not absolutely. My most important goal is to do everything clean. I usually have very stupid mistakes. Probably because of being not attentive enough. We work on it with my coach and psychologist. On the trainings everything goes smoothly and on the competitions sometimes things go wrong. Maybe because of me being too nervous.” – said the gymnast.

  8. Masha ranked 4th in AA final. I still have to wait her ribbon score…Good Luck to Her in event finals tomorrow!!!

    AA final ranking
    1. Yana Kudryavtseva 77.483
    2. Margarita Mamun 77.250
    3. Alexandra Soldatova 75.383
    4. Maria Titova (total score have to wait)
    5. Ekaterina Selezneva 73.450
    6. Dina Averina 72.867
    7. Arina Averina 72.600

  9. Good Luck to Masha in AA final and event finals! She ranked 6th in AA qualification…well not a good standing, but anyway this is just qualification. The most important is AA final today!

    BTW, she qualified to Hoop, Ball and Ribbon finals. (clubs not qualified I think). Mamun and Kudryavtseva will not participate event finals.

    All around final start list

    Local Time

    1 Anastasia Tkachenko 1998 SFO Omsk region
    2 Ekaterina Maximova 1995 PFD Nizhny Novgorod region
    3 Daria Gorbacheva 1996 St. Petersburg
    4 Hope Akulova 1996 PFD Nizhny Novgorod
    5 Elizaveta Krasheninnikova 1997 Moscow
    6 Maria Maltseva 1993 SFO Omsk
    7 Anna Kadochnikova 1997 SFO Omsk
    8 Liana Semenova 1998 PFD Tatarstan
    9 Christina Dynina 1998 SFO Omsk
    10 Ekaterina Chukalina 1995 CFA Tula
    11 Margarita Mierzyn 1996 PFD Penza
    12 Arina Romanova 1998 SFO Irkutsk
    13 Elvira Tuhvatulova 1996 PFD Nizhny Novgorod region
    14 Victoria Polishchuk 1994 SFO Irkutsk
    15 Maria Vilkova 1998 Moscow

    15:00-15:15 BREAK


    1 Yana Kudryavtseva 1997 Moscow
    2 Ekaterina Selezneva 1995 Moscow region
    3 Anastasia Kadochnikova 1997 SFO Omsk
    4 Dina Averina 1998 Moscow- Nizhny Novgorod region .
    5 Margarita Mamun 1995 from Moscow to St. Petersburg
    6 Anna Musatova 1998 Moscow
    7 Maria Pavlova 1998 Moscow
    8 Pauline Khonina 1998 PFD Penza region
    9 Maria Titova 1997 Moscow- Penza obl. – Omsk region .
    10 Diana Borisova 1997 SFO Kemerovo region
    11 Ekaterina Vedeneyeva 1994 SFO Irkutsk region .
    12 Alexandra Soldatova 1998 CFA Moscow region .
    13 Arina Averina 1998 Moscow Nizhny Novgorod region .
    14 Alexandra Merkulova 1995 Moscow Kemerovo region .
    15 Diana Ibragimova 1998 St. Petersburg

    Full AA qualification results

  10. She must really hate clubs by now 🙂 Her ribbon is probably her favourite. She needs to get more use to the other apparatuses.

  11. Congrats to Maria on her International Masters of Sports title.

    Let’s hope she does even better on her other 2 apparatuses

  12. Thanks for the news. Too bad about Merkulova, She looks alright to me based on the pictures, but I guess Viner wants her to be a certain weight.

  13. Strongest team gymnasts perform at the Russian Championships – Viner Usmanova
    MOSCOW, April 18 – R-Sport, Anna Manakova. Composition member of the Russian championship in rhythmic gymnastics in the individual program can be called in Penza strongest, said the agency “F-Sport” president of the Russian Gymnastics Federation (VFHG) and chief national coach Irina Viner -Usmanova .
    Russian Championship will be held from April 23 to 26. Among the participants twice world champion Margarita Mamun and absolute world champion Yana Kudryavtseva .
    “Yes, it is the strongest team in the championship of Russia, – said Viner Usmanova by phone. – The championship of Russia on that and the championship of Russia, that all compete.”

    Coach added that, to a girl of reserve staff can qualify for a place in the national team, they need to “win against Kudryavtseva, Mamun and Titova . ”
    Silver medalist Russia in 2013 in the all-around Elizabeth Nazarenkova can not compete at the national championship this season. “She broke a finger. Maybe she will perform one day, but so far,” – said Viner Usmanova.

    Gymnast Merkulova hasn’t participated in any competitions since last October. But formally she is still a member of the National Team. “I am not sure about Merkulova. She had to report her weight to me every day, but as I see her weight remains the same. She is not in the form she should have been. She is a very talented gymnast and it’s a pity”, says Viner.

    Svatkovskaya miss the championship of Russia
    April 17, 19:25

    Coach Anna Shumilova reported that gymnast Daria Svatkovskaya miss Russian Championship and the European Championship in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

    “Dasha has already started to train, but still gently , so it ignores these competitions . It is clear that the European Championships uniquely miss , because the girls have been so many stages of selection . Go calmly preparing for the World Cup “, – quotes Shumilov ” R-Sport . ”

    Svatkovskaya missed the beginning of the season due to recovery after injury

  14. I am happy to see her swan lake leotard photo again, that’s my favorite. But to be honest, this poster is not good orz… too much photoshop, looks sooo fake, especially her legs, hands and face.

    P.S. Penza is Masha’s hometown, that’s why she is the heroine of the poster I think.

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