Desio-Italy vs Russia-1st May 2014

Maria Titova-Italy vs Russia Desio 2014-13
(photo by Carlo Di Giusto many Thanks!!!)
Yesterday, Masha competed in the competition, Italy vs Russia in Desio. This competition included senior individual, junior individual and senior group. Mamun was the first in AA and Masha was the 2nd. Congrats to Masha!!!

Below are some information about this event:
Official website:
Senior Individual (Kudryavtseva only did 2 apparatus)
Junior Individual (team)
Senior Group

Masha-Italy vs Russia 2014 photos album (34 photos now)

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6 thoughts on “Desio-Italy vs Russia-1st May 2014

  1. Good luck to Maria in Minsk May 30-June ! Let’s see how she does, now that she got some rest.

  2. @M, not possible she will go to EC, this year only all around in senior individual in EC, 2 gymnasts max per country. Definitely RUS will send Yana K and Mamun.

  3. BTW, do you know if Maria will go to European Championships, or will they choose Sasha Soldatova?since she did well in the Russian Chmpionships

  4. Thanks for that. I thought she would have gotten a little break from competition; however, with 2 gymnasts injured she probably has to do the competitions.

    It’s nice to see those scores, it shows she did better this week. Thanks for the videos, will watch them.

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