Happy Mid-Autumn Festival !

Today, it’s Mid-Autumn Festival in Chinese World. Did a wallpaper with Masha’s images.
Little Swan flying to the moon ! 🙂 ❤
但願人長久,千里共嬋娟!中秋節快樂 !!!
We wish each other a long life so as to share the beauty of this graceful moonlight, even though miles apart. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival !!!




Masha Happy Birthday!!!

Dear Masha,

Happy Birthday!!! С Днем Рождения!!! May all your dreams come true! Wish you luck, health, happiness, love and peace! All the BEST for you!!! Take care! I hope you get well soon! Every Blessing!!! [許願][許願][許願]

with Love from Taiwan [心][心][心]

P.S. Masha received my present today! Wow the present arrived just on time, on the date of her Birthday! She did selfies with my present and sent the photos to me. I am very happy this time the delivery is sooo smoothly. [太開心][太開心][太開心]

Pictures of the Day: Masha at Croatia Training Camp 2015, Thanks Oleg Naumov!

Maria Titova-Croatia Training Camp 2015-01
As the previous news wrote, Masha is in Croatia training camp now, here are some photos, Many Thanks Oleg Naumov!!! After this training camp, Masha will fly to Budapest to compete in an international tournament-MTK Cup, if no any changes in the participants’ list. I hope so! Good Luck to Masha in her training!!! May the force be with You!!! 加油!!! [给力][给力][给力][加油啊][加油啊][加油啊][许愿][许愿][许愿] I will keep updating to this photo gallery if there are new pics.

Photos album at photobucket.

Pictures of Day: Go On, Work Hard and Enjoy Life

Did some editing for Masha’s photos, try sketch style this time except the last picture 😀 here you are

Pictures of the Day: Masha 2015 Routines Wallpapers

Maria Titova the Swan-Wall-A Time for Us-Ribbon 2015
Except the ball 2015 I did few days ago, I did 3 more wallpapers today and one facebook banner.
Here you are 🙂

Pictures of the Day: Masha wallpaper and Holon 2015 photos re-edit :)

Maria Titova the Swan-Wall-Ball 2015
I did a wallpaper and re-edited some photos I bought from Barny, here you are 🙂 Masha is just sooooooo beautiful!!!!!!! [心][心][心]

Pictures of the Day: Masha Black Swan Series

Maria Titova the Swan-Only in the darkness can you see the stars-Black Swan Series-01
Only in the darkness can you see the stars – Martin Luther King Jr.

Masha’s hoop 2013 routine is still my favorite swan lake in this Olympic cycle. 🙂
All the photos taken by Barny Thierolf, re-edited by Hershey and Zoe Wan


Pictures of the Day: Masha Warming Up- Black and White series

Maria Titova-brno2013-wp-01
Re-edited some Masha’s warming up photos in black and white. All the photos taken by Barny Thierolf .
Here your are 🙂
at photobucket: click here


Banners: Masha 2015 Routines Series

Banners for Masha 2015 four routines.


Maria Titova 瑪麗亞·媞托娃-Avatar-Chinese Name Series

Masha’s name in Chinese is 瑪麗亞·媞托娃
Ma=瑪 ri=麗 (means beautiful) a=亞, her last name, Ti=媞 to=托 va=娃, especially Ti=媞, I choose this Chinese word, love it very much, its meaning in Chinese is wonderful, fine, glorious, or fragrant. It’s a very good word, I think it suit Masha very well. 🙂
Here’s the avatars I did, putting her name in Chinese on the pics 😉