World Cup Bucharest 2013, 19-21 April

(Maria Titova-Gala-WC Bucharest  2013-photo by Barny Thierolf)

Last week, Masha told me she will go to Romania, I think she will compete in WC Bucharest 2013 this weekend. Now I got the information, She will fly to Romania tomorrow and I read Daria Svatkovskaya will fly there too. Good Luck to Masha!!! Wish her all the BEST!!! Davaiiii Masha!!!!!

Following are some information about this competition: (sorry not many)

Official website:
Participants list: click here (updated 16th April )
Start List for senior individual: click here (updated 16th April)
Start lists of Irina Deleanu Cup (Juniors, Seniors, Groups)
Broadcast: (qualification only) and (EF)

Friday, 19. April
10:00h – 11:30h: Irina Deleanu Cup, Junior Group A
11:45h – 13:15h: Irina Deleanu Cup, Junior Group B
15:00h – 16:15h: World-Cup Group A – Hoop + Ball
16:30h – 17:45h: World-Cup Group B – Hoop + Ball
18:00h – 18:15h: Medal Ceremony Irina Deleanu Cup

Saturday, 20. April
14:00h – 14:45h: Irina Deleanu Cup, Senior – Hoop + Ball
14:45h – 15:15h: Irina Deleanu Cup, Junior Groups – 5 Hoops
17:15h – 18:30h: World-Cup Group B – Clubs + Ribbon
18:45h – 20:00h: World-Cup Group A – Clubs + Ribbon
20:15h – 20:45h: Medal Ceremony World-Cup

Sunday, 21. April
10:00h – 10:45h: Irina Deleanu Cup, Senior – Clubs + Ribbon
10:45h – 11:15h: Irina Deleanu Cup, Junior Groups – 5 Hoops
13:00h – 13:30h: World Cup Finals Hoop
13:30h – 14:00h: World Cup Finals Ball
14:00h – 14:30h: World Cup Finals Clubs
14:30h – 15:00h: World Cup Finals Ribbon
15:15h – 15:45h: Medal Ceremony World-Cup Finals
16:00h – 17:00h: Gala-Show

the full results pdf book-WC Bucharest 2013
Staniouta won AA, Ball, Clubs and Ribbon, Svatkovskaya tied with her in Cubs and Ribbon, Masha won hoop!
click here
FIG report: Staniouta triumphs in Bucharest
click here

Created Masha’s photos album-WC Bucharest 2013 at photobucket and will keep updating
click here
or here for slideshow
click here

(Maria Titova-Gala-WC Bucharest  2013-photo by Barny Thierolf)

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