From now on I will post Masha’s information here!

Sorry for the tumblr followers, but I really don’t like it and can’t get used to it, I decide to use wordpress again. Now for Masha’s fans website have been removed to

I have removed most articles of the tumble page here (the important ones), Thank you for the support, and I will do my best to share all Masha’s information.

And about facebook page, I don’t plan to create for her now, but maybe in the future I will do it. All the instant information about Masha will be posted in Zhenya Kanaeva Gymnasium FB page, after all, there is “Gymnasium” in the ZKG FB title, I think it’s OK to make some versatility in the page. Don’t worry I will keep updating Zhenya’s information as well.

Good Luck and May God be with Masha!!!! I love you SOOO MUCH ❤ ❤ ❤


Masha ring pivot with beautiful spiral-GIF

Masha-ring pivots-WC Bucharest 2013-logo
Rainbow colored ribbon with ring pivot, her spiral is sooo beautiful, so I did a gif, extracted from the video of WC Bucharest 2013 qualification.

雖然她的後搬腿結環轉體圈數不是很多, 不過在轉的同時, 手揮動那條彩虹色的彩帶, 螺形超漂亮! ❤

World Cup Pesaro 2013, 26-28 April

Masha flew to Italy today for World Cup Pesaro 2013, competition will be held on 26-28 April. God Luck to Masha!!! Wish her all the BEST !!! Davai Masha!!! Plus ITA and BLR seniors groups will compete first time in this season, their debut!!! 🙂 A very exciting competition, can’t wait!!! (but RUS national group won’t be there…Kazan senior group instead.)

Below are some information about this competition

Official website:
ITA Gymnastic Federation website: click here
Participants List:
Individual Senior World Cup: click here  Continue reading

Masha, Hold your ball tight!!! 小TT, 抱緊你的球!!! :DDD

Masha, Hold your ball tight!!! 小TT, 抱緊你的球!!! :DDD
photo by Barny Thierolf, avatar by Zoe

And I made a gif

it was Masha sitting in the kiss and cry after her ball routine in qualification in WC Bucharest. She had a silly drop there, her reaction was so cuute…but well Masha please tell the ball to listen to you! Then I won’t have the chance to do another this kind gif next time XD.
小TT 你8要打偶, 我把你在WC Bucharest 球操資格賽時在等分區的 [囧] 樣(萌樣 >////<) 做成gif   [偷笑] 下回要你的球球聽話點 乖 就不會被做成gif 哈哈哈哈 

World Cup Bucharest 2013, 19-21 April

(Maria Titova-Gala-WC Bucharest  2013-photo by Barny Thierolf)

Last week, Masha told me she will go to Romania, I think she will compete in WC Bucharest 2013 this weekend. Now I got the information, She will fly to Romania tomorrow and I read Daria Svatkovskaya will fly there too. Good Luck to Masha!!! Wish her all the BEST!!! Davaiiii Masha!!!!!

Following are some information about this competition: (sorry not many)

Official website:
Participants list: click here (updated 16th April )
Start List for senior individual: click here (updated 16th April)
Start lists of Irina Deleanu Cup (Juniors, Seniors, Groups)
Broadcast: (qualification only) and (EF)

Friday, 19. April Continue reading

Masha-ordinary-artistic-funny-episode 3 :DD

偶做上癮了, Masha 小TT之”普通青年-文藝青年跟2B青年” 三部曲, 這是第三張. 偶知道偶知道最右那張完全不2B, 因為這孩子2B的照片真的太難找了 TAT 

Masha-ordinary-artistic-funny-photo montage episode 3 :DD
OK, I know the right one is not silly (crazy) at all, but it’s too difficult to find a crazy photo of her, she is always so decent TAT…