Flying to the Moon – Happy Moon Festival!!!

Soon here comes Chinese big holiday – Moon Festival, did a wallpaper and banner with Masha’s images to celebrate 🙂
Masha the Swan Flying to the Moon – Happy Moon Festival !!! 做了天鵝奔月的桌布跟頁首, 祝大家中秋節快樂!!! 🙂
Maria Titova-the Swan-Walls-Flyting to the moon-Happy Moon Festival 2013-Zoe


And big Thanks Hershey, this is just for fun, interesting video XD

6 thoughts on “Flying to the Moon – Happy Moon Festival!!!

  1. Yeah it is pretty, the more you do it the better it will be.

    I read on Mamun facebook fansite that Maria will be at GP BRNO, 4-6 Obctober 2013:

    Russian partcipants:
    -Margarita Mamun
    -Sasha Merkulova
    -Daria Svatkovskaya
    -Maria Titova

  2. @M, thank you! 🙂 I don’t have good skill in design. If you know Chinese culture these will be more interesting. I did these according to a Chinese myth – Chang’e, she ate a magical medicine and after that she felt her body becoming lighter and lighter then flew to the moon. Moon festival is based on this story. Masha has the flying in the air movement in her hoop routine, thus so match with this theme, Chang’e flying to the moon vs Masha the Swan flying to the moon 😀 (嫦娥奔月 vs 天鵝奔月)

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