Masha’s new coach – Vera Shtelbaums!!!

I got the confirmed information from Masha, Vera Shtelbaums is Masha’s coach now!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! My little daughter Masha trained by the legend coach,  both my two daughters (Zhenya and Masha) trained by Vera Shtelbaums! Happy Happy Happy!!!!! Good Luck to Masha and Vera Shtelbaums and Wish them all the BEST!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥
Maria Titova the Swan-Photo Collage-Masha-Vera Shtelbaums-all the BEST

2 thoughts on “Masha’s new coach – Vera Shtelbaums!!!

  1. That’s great! I really admired this coach and I can’t wait to see how Maria develops even more under her. She has the talent and she looks great, she just needs the consistency.

  2. Wow!It seems that Viner has determined to push Masha to become championship in OG 2016. Hope that she has strong will to go through competitions. there are so many excellent gymnasts in Russia. Even she is Viner’s favorites. It still is a big challenge.

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