Maria Titova completed her career in big sport

Zarechenskaya gymnast Maria Titova works with Irina Viner
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Maria Titova, a pupil of Zarechna School of Rhythmic Gymnastics, completed her career in big sport.

This happened after a year ago injury.

Now the master of sports of the international class is studying in the National State University of Physical Culture of Sport and Health. Lesgaft ( St. Petersburg ). There she trains future stars at the Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics Irina Viner.

Masha, Thank you very much for the beauty, elegance and pleasure that you bring to us. Wishing you luck, health and happiness! Every Blessing! 💕

Masha’s recent photos

Masha Wikipedia Russian Version

MariaTitova-MTK Cup 2015-re-edit
Today, I finally created Masha’s Wikipedia Russian version. Many Thanks my friend Alyona did the translation for me and I created and edited the page on wiki. Maybe this page will be edited many times by other persons in the future, but anyway, I made a start.
Masha’s Wikipedia Russian version check here .

Maria Titova Wikipedia Chinese page

Maria Titova the Swan-Avatar-Chinese Name-Hoop
I created Masha’s wiki Chinese version page, 瑪麗亞·媞托娃 I will keep updating. Chinese content is a bit different with English version. If you have any question, it’s very welcome to ask me. 🙂
我編寫了臭小t的中文版維基條目, 瑪麗亞·媞托娃 我會持續更新. 中文版內容跟英文版有點不一樣. 如果你有任何問題, 歡迎提出! 🙂

Poll Results: Top 5 Best Russian Sportswomen by Russland.RU, Masha ranked 3rd!!!

Maria Titova-Berlin Masters 2014-178
(photo by my friend RC at Berlin Masters 2014, MANY Thanks!!! I love this pic very much!!!)

Russland.RU, a German language online-news about Russia, held an online poll, voted the top 5 best Russian sportswomen. Here’s the results: I am VERY surprised that Masha is 3rd!!! Congrats to Masha!!!
1. Yana Kudryavtseva (RG)
2. Yulia Lipnitskaya (FS)
3. Maria Titova (RG)
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FIG World Ranking 2014

Maria Titova-Berlin Masters 2014-139
(photo by my friend RC, billion thanks <3)
Sorry a bit late for this information. FIG World Cup series 2014 ended at World Cup Kazan. Masha competed 6 events in World Cup series this year. Some results are good, but some aren’t, especially the last one in Kazan, very disappointed results. Masha ranked 5th in all-round, 6th in ribbon, 8th in hoop, 12th in ball and 16th in clubs. Obviously she is better with hoop and ribbon. Hopefully she can do better next year. The key point is still the STABILITY STABILITY STABILITY !

Summery of World ranking 2014:
2014 FIG World Cup standings – All-around
1. Yana Kudryavtseva, RUS, 140 points
2. Margarita Mamun, RUS, 130 points
3. Melitina Staniouta, BLR, 105 points Continue reading

Masha’s new coach – Vera Shtelbaums!!!

I got the confirmed information from Masha, Vera Shtelbaums is Masha’s coach now!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! My little daughter Masha trained by the legend coach,  both my two daughters (Zhenya and Masha) trained by Vera Shtelbaums! Happy Happy Happy!!!!! Good Luck to Masha and Vera Shtelbaums and Wish them all the BEST!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥
Maria Titova the Swan-Photo Collage-Masha-Vera Shtelbaums-all the BEST

Irina Viner naming Masha the face of RG because she is much alike with Maya Plisetskaya!

Maya Plisetskaya and Maria Titova
Just translated a short part of this article, big thanks my friend Tatiana!!!

Yana Batyrshina said: “It is not a secret for anyone that Masha Titova is Irina Viner’s favourite. Our head coach predicts her Olympic gold, naming her the face of RG because she is much alike with Maya Plisetskaya.” (Legend Russian ballerina!)

Ни для кого не секрет, что любимица Ирины Винер — Маша Титова. Главный наставник нашей команды прочит ей олимпийское золото, называя эту девочку лицом художественной гимнастики, потому что по фактуре она очень похожа на Майю Плисецкую.

OMG!!!!!!!!!! Irina Viner really has VERY high expectation on Masha!!! I just hope she can improve step by step. Because no matter what, hard working is the most important. May God Bless Masha!!!

Maria Titova-Avatar-Peaceful Beauty-by Hershey