GIF: Masha Hoop and Ball 2013 elements ♥

Masha’s hoop and ball 2013 elements I like, GIF ! ♥♥♥
Hoop – Black Swan Flying, I love her swan lake hoop routine sooo much, there are sooo many movements I like in this routine ♥ I would love to do a 90 secs gif, pity that’s impossible, the file will be too big…XD
Maria Titova-Hoop 2013-Black Swan Flying
Ball – Exchange
Maria Titova-Ball 2013-Exchange
Maria Titova-Ball-AA-GP Thiais 2013-by Olivier PRIEUR

GIF: Masha-Ribbon-Ending Pose-Happy Caravan-Tashkent 2012

Masha-Ribbon-Ending Pose-Happy Caravan-Tashkent 2012-logo
Another GIF, I love Masha’s ribbon ending pose in Happy Caravan Tashkent 2012, junior team competition, extract from Marc’s video I bought. I found Masha having good reaction of ending, she did well too in WC Kiev 2012.

And different ending pose in WC Kiev 2012
Maria Titova-Ribbon-Junior Team Competition-World Cup Kiev 2012-logo

And this is the still photo of her ending in this competition, taken by Oleg Naumov!!!
Maria Titova-Ribbon-ending-junior team competition-Happy Caravan Tashkent 2012

Masha, Hold your ball tight!!! 小TT, 抱緊你的球!!! :DDD

Masha, Hold your ball tight!!! 小TT, 抱緊你的球!!! :DDD
photo by Barny Thierolf, avatar by Zoe

And I made a gif

it was Masha sitting in the kiss and cry after her ball routine in qualification in WC Bucharest. She had a silly drop there, her reaction was so cuute…but well Masha please tell the ball to listen to you! Then I won’t have the chance to do another this kind gif next time XD.
小TT 你8要打偶, 我把你在WC Bucharest 球操資格賽時在等分區的 [囧] 樣(萌樣 >////<) 做成gif   [偷笑] 下回要你的球球聽話點 乖 就不會被做成gif 哈哈哈哈