Maria Titova the Swan-FB banners series, photos by Tom Theobald, re-edit by Hershey

First post in 2015 🙂
Maria Titova the Swan-FB banners series
Many Thanks my friend Tom Theobald for the wonderful photos and big thanks my friend Hershey for the re-edition!!! (I added the watermark sorry because I bought All the HD photos)

P.S. I only re-size to fit the width of fb banner, height does not that matter.

Photo Gallery: Masha in Croatia Summer Camp by Oleg Naumov

Masha is still in Croatia for summer camp, but soon she will return to Moscow, and I hope she can compete in World Cup St. Petersburg in mid of August. About Croatia, let me explain, Irina Viner bought a training base and house there for summer camp for Russian National team and some other gymnasts from other countries, so they will do training there every summer.

Here you are the photos gallery, Big Thanks Oleg Naumov!!!