Picture of the Day: Maria Titova photo session by Dinasfoto

Oleg Naumov posted another photo session pic – 26th Feb 2014
Maria Titova-photo session-2013-03
Dinasfoto posted another pic, this one is better…but the make-up just kill me >'< – 29th Jan 2014
Maria Titova-photo session-Dinasfoto-2013-02

Finally the photographer posted the photo, thanks Dinasfoto, but to be honest, I don’t like it. I think they can do much better than this…I am expecting some balletic style, not like this…and what’s wrong with the make-up, her dressing and the posture!!! her elegance disappeared…orz……….



Masha for photo session

Last week, RUS team did photo session, saw some photos from the photographer’s or gymnasts’ instagram…this one was posted by Dmitry Kornev. Masha was making up. Seems it’s balletic style, I think among the active gymnasts, Masha is the one suiting the balletic style most. Looking forward to the photos coming out 🙂

p.s. I don’t like the pic posted by Oleg Naumov, so I didn’t post here… 😛 and usually I don’t like to post instagram photos in my website and fb page, well this one is exceptional.