Girl with dimples :)

Masha! you are sooo lovely ❤ ❤ ❤ I always love girl with dimples 🙂

photo B_L_dn2kEkI_zps90b3b772.jpgphoto TaTnRi4LyUU_zps8d3e389a.jpgphoto _eazaXKnock_zpsca10225c.jpgphoto vOoDNvTOUZs_zps7ab9e175.jpgphoto 541065_10151470650273366_1070379169_n_zps69f3f712.jpgphoto ZKf-pgcf_lU_zpsfd899bcb.jpgphoto -uM-SREoY08_zpsb0b4bd4f.jpg
photo WF-Qkbnpb10_zps8653aec4.jpgphoto urCWSCmmQWE_zps0a0f4c2b.jpg

More GP Thiais 2013 photos please check here, I am still waiting for her Swan Lake Hoop video in qualification

avalon2046's Grand Prix Thiais 2013-Maria Titova album on Photobucket

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