Maria Titova photo montage-ordinary-artistic-funny

This is a very popular activity in mainland China for a while, to do a photo montage for a famous person with three types’ photos: ordinary, artistic and funny (silly or crazy) to show the big difference. So I did one for Masha XD Actually it’s difficult to find a photo that she was too crazy, funny or silly. She is always so decent in my eyes. Haha I like that. ❤

這是大陸很前陣子流行的, 幫名人做一個照片拼貼, 3個主題, 普通青年, 文藝青年跟2B青年. 2B在大陸用語的意思就是犯傻的意思, 我的理解是也可以當很耍寶吧. 所以幫小TT也做了一個拼貼, 不過她根本沒什麼很2B的照片, 怎樣看都一副乖樣, 哈哈哈, 我喜歡她這樣子 ❤

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