Maria Titova, the Black Swan (Irina Viner’s comment translation)

Posted in tumblr at 4th April 2013

Translated by My friend Alyona, from this article:
press conference GP Moscow 2013

Just translated the part about Masha!

‘Highly professional specialists continue working with the National Team’ – explained Irina Usmanova-Viner . Thus, the teachers from ‘The Igor Moiseev Folk Dance Ensemble’ helped to choreograph some routines.

‘The circus artists helped the girls to prepare the clubs routine. Serious work is done with the youngest members of the team as well. Thus, Maria Titova, who is going to be 16 this year, has a very difficult hoop routine – Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’. ‘Black Swan’, ‘Vdol  po ulitse metelitsa metyot’ (Russian folk song) – for the ball, and for the ribbon she preferred ‘My Fair Lady’. (note by Zoe: I could have danced all night)

‘Masha used to be quite a shy girl’ – says Viner-Usmanova. ‘She didn’t realize who she was. I made her realize how beautiful she was,

if she hadn’t deserved to be a member of the National Team, I wouldn’t have taken her! I took her to the ballet to make her become the ‘black swan’. She saw the ballet with the best dancer of the Bolshoi Theater Svetlana Zakharova. She is the best Odile of the present. More than that, Masha has seen ‘The Swan Princess’ of Vrubel. I have completely besieged her, so to say’ – says Irina Alexandrovna with a smile. ‘Now she is doing some things which you can’t even see in the Bolshoi.’

Wow you can see Irina Viner really like Masha and has a high expectation on her! – Zoe

P.S. Masha told me she does ballet every day for 6 months last night. Wow she is really talented in ballet!!! Only learning ballet 6 months and sooo good!!!

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