Irina Viner talking about Masha in her EC 2013 post interview (from

Maria Titova-Training-EC Vienna 2013-13
(Masha and Irina Viner at EC Vienna 2013)

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English translated by Alyona, many thanks!!! (sorry only translated Masha’s part)

Q: Last year the second spot for the Olympics was decided between Daria Dmitrieva and Alexandra Merkulova. Where are these girls now?

Irina Viner: Merkulova is getting ready for the Universiade. She was injured and gained some weight. Unfortunately she didn’t manage to get in the required shape. And moreover, we have Maria Titova who showed wonderful performances in World Cups. She could participate in the European Championship as well but I decided to hold her back for a while. Because when this girl performs she should be the winner at once. As you see we have many gymnasts to choose for the Universiade and for the World Games.

Note by Zoe: Universiade is for university students, so it’s impossible for Masha competing there, but if Irina Viner decide to send her to World Games in Cali I will be very happy I am dying to see her performing with new leotards!!!

Maria Titova-Training-Novogorsk- 2013-02

One thought on “Irina Viner talking about Masha in her EC 2013 post interview (from

  1. That’s really great that she still believes in her and thinks she can do really well. I am hoping that during this time she is perfecting her routines, so that the next time, she does even better than what she has done so far.

    yeah I know about Universiade, I am interested in watching it for a variety of sports. You are correct that maybe she goes to World games.

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