FIG RG World Ranking 2013

Maria Titova 2013
After World Cup St. Petersburg 2013, the final stage of World Cup series this year. The results of World Ranking 2013 in RG came out. Masha, she only competed in 2 games in World Cup series this year, thus couldn’t get high points in total. (World Cup series counted best four games points), Masha ranked 13th in AA, 15th in hoop, 14th in ball, 18th in clubs, and 20th in ribbon. Considering she just participated in 2 competitions and this is her first year in senior, the results are not bad in my opinion. Hopefully she can keep improving, raise her stability, and can get more chance to compete in World Cup series next year. Good Luck to Masha 🙂

And the winner of AA overall is Mamun with  120 points, Staniouta and Rizatdinova shared the 2nd place with 110 points. And About apparatus ranking, Rizatdinova won hoop and clubs, Mamun won ball and ribbon. RUS group won AA, 10 clubs and 3 balls+2 ribbons.

Check the full World Ranking here

One thought on “FIG RG World Ranking 2013

  1. Interesting. At least she is in the top 20 for all apparatus. She just needs to be more stable next year. We’ll see how it goes.

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