Irina Chaschina: I love my fans, interview with Ira and Masha <3

Maria Titova-Galina Gorenkova Memorial OMSK 2014-03
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English translated by my friend Alyona, Billion Billion Thanks!!![心][心][心]

During her visit to the native town Omsk the famous athlete told about the lack of professional coaches and “life after sports”. And her young colleague Maria Titova revealed her plans to conquer fashion podiums in Paris.
Maria Titova-Galina Gorenkova Memorial OMSK 2014-09
The girls came to Omsk for the XXIX Memorial Cup of Galina Gorenkova, the honored coach of the former USSR. Chaschina says that she manages to visit Omsk, the city where her parents and friends live, not more than 3-4 times a year but it is always as “a breath of fresh air” for her.

For 17 years old Maria it is already the second Memorial cup in Omsk and she is thinking about the third one: “I really enjoy being here. The atmosphere is so friendly. I hope to visit this tournament next year as well.”
Maria Titova-Galina Gorenkova Memorial OMSK 2014-04
As you know there is no lack of talented gymnasts in Russia, but the amount of professional coaches such as Vera Stelbaums and Elena Arais is not enough, said Irina Chaschina:

– They are our legends who give a very good and necessary base, but they are the last ones. There are many young coaches but maybe they just lack the experience. There should be more lectures on gymnastics. The rules have been changing so fast that some base is really needed.
Maria Titova-Galina Gorenkova Memorial OMSK 2014-05
Another problem of all the sportsmen is their life after the sports. First of all it is very hard to live without physical exercises.

– I tell you what, after retirement you put on about 10 kgs, because you begin to eat everything that was prohibited before. After couple of years you see yourself in the mirror and well… Nowadays I go to the fitness center three times a week and get exercises so necessary for my heart. It makes life easier, – says Irina Chaschina.
Chaschina is busy with visiting gymnastics tournaments, giving master-classes, taking part in TV shows, working as a vice-president of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation of Russia. But as the famous athlete confesses, the first two years after sports were pretty hard:

– To tell you the truth, after retirement there is no need in you any more. You try to cure your injures, both physical and mental. Most sportsmen are very vulnerable people. One must have a very strong character to be able to set new goals in life and not to get lost. Nowadays the situation is much better, the Olympic champions, Worlds champions are given grants, so they have something to live on. With us it was much more difficult.
Maria is far from retirement yet but the girl already knows what she wants to try after she leaves the carpet. Impressive appearance – height 170 cm, weight 43 kgs (note by Zoe: Masha is height 174 cm, weight 48-49 kgs now)- made Irina Viner joke one day that Maria needs to go to Paris and work as a model. “So far I am not thinking about it, I am doing my job in gymnastics, but when I retire I am thinking to try it”, confirmed Maria.

Irina Chaschina says that there are the fans who remain with the gymnast even after the retirement. Mostly we keep in touch through social networks. “I love my fans”, says Irina sincerely.
Maria Titova-Galina Gorenkova Memorial OMSK 2014-06

Note: two more translation of Irina Chaschina’s interviews. Many Many Thanks my friend catts!!! Please read here

P.S. Masha ever told me, Irina Chaschina is her favorite gymnast, I think she must be very happy to take part in the press conference with her idol. 🙂 – Zoe



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