Coach Vera Shtelbaums raised up champions to whom young gymnasts from Omsk want to be equal

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English translated by Alyona and catts! Billion Billion Thanks!!!!!!

Victories of our rhythmic gymnasts on various championships attract big number of children to sports. The names of the gymnasts raised up by Vera Shtelbaums are known not only by the followers of the rhythmic gymnastics but also by the people who are not interested in this sport. Nowadays Vera Shtelbaums has been coaching a new candidate for high achievements – Maria Titova. Although Masha is not from Omsk, she is quite capable of continuing the triumph of Russian gymnasts on the world arena.
Coach Vera Stelbaums raised up champions to whom young gymnasts from Omsk want to be equal-ENG (Full ENG Translation PDF)
Coach Vera Stelbaums raised up champions to whom young gymnasts from Omsk want to be equal-SNAP-01

傳奇教練Vera Shtelbaums培養多位冠軍,年輕的體操選手都希望能跟她們一樣
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中譯: Zoe Wan

我們的韻律體操選手在各種不同比賽的勝利吸引了大量的小朋友投入這項運動。被教練Vera Shtelbaums帶過的選手不只為韻律體操的追隨者所熟知,連對這項運動沒有興趣的人都聽過。現在Vera Shtelbaums訓練的選手是追求高成就的新的候選人- Maria Titova。雖然Masha不是來自鄂木斯克,但是她有能力可以延續俄羅斯體操選手在世界競技場上勝利的傳統。
傳奇教練Vera Shtelbaums培養多位冠軍年輕的體操選手都希望能跟她們一樣 (中譯 PDF)
傳奇教練Vera Shtelbaums培養多位冠軍年輕的體操選手都希望能跟她們一樣-SNAP-01

8 thoughts on “Coach Vera Shtelbaums raised up champions to whom young gymnasts from Omsk want to be equal

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  2. yeah I wish her the best, she is still young and can still do it. It’s nice she is on the list, but yeah, her chance is very small. I wouldn’t want her to only do local events and not do international events as well. We’ll see what happens in her career.

  3. @M, I think her role in national team now is like Ekaterina Vedeneeva and Ekaterina Selezneva, members of national team but hardly will compete in international competitions, most of time only will compete in Russian events… I read a news report few days ago, she was included in the list of the candidates for Rio 2016…13 gymnasts in the list. I think her chance to Rio is very very small. But anyway, if she still like RG and doesn’t give up and keeps working hard then maybe she will get noticed again. Just wish her the BEST!!!

  4. Yeah I realized when I looked that she wasn’t there. I agree, I am not sure what her role will be in the national team anymore. This year might be her last chance to prove herself to Irina. After that if she doesn’t get through, maybe she could try another sport or something.

  5. @M, of course NOT! from Russia, Mamun and Kudryavtseva go to the European Games. for individuals, two gymnasts max per country. Masha is not even the top four in the National Team…actually, I am very pessimistic about her future in the national team. I don’t see Irina Viner will send her to the major competitions…hopefully I am wrong.

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