Gymnast Kudryavtseva glad becaming the record holder in European Games in Baku by the number of gold medals (She mentioned Masha in the interview)

Maria Titova-Training-Novogorsk 2015
photo by Dmitry Kornev
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BAKU, June 21 – R-Sport, Simon Galkevich.

Kudryavtseva on Sunday won three gold medals- in exercises with Ribbon, ball and clubs -in European games in Baku. Earlier, gymnast won gold in the individual all-around.

“Happy with my performance, though small errors, but without corrections never fails. Now think only about the rest, give me seven days, and then again to the training. Best I have clubs turned out today. Of course, I felt the competition. If you do a mistake, then the first will not, even if there are no opponents and Marguerite Mamoun. I didn’t know that was the record of the games, but happy about that, “said Kudryavtseva.

Earlier Margarita Mamoun said that Russia first team in Russian RG national team won’t attend the Universiade in South Korea. “I don’t know who will go for us. Maybe Ekaterina Vedeneeva, Ekaterina Selezneva, Maria Titova. Something I can’t really counsel them, they are older, do not feel that I can teach them, “said Kudryavtseva.

“Irina Aleksandrovna Viner collects hats, so maybe bring her hats as gift from Baku. I guess mom will take us somewhere, and we’ll find something. No, mom, didn’t watch my performance , she only at the European Championships in Baku watched and then I dropped the ball. Since then, mom does not look ever watch my performance live, “said Kudryavtseva.


5 thoughts on “Gymnast Kudryavtseva glad becaming the record holder in European Games in Baku by the number of gold medals (She mentioned Masha in the interview)

  1. Yana record holder for gold medals in her sport only right? because there were other Russian stars who won more gold medals than her at European Games.

  2. news reports
    Amina Zaripova: “The composition of the Russian team at the Summer Universiade in the individual competition at the moment is not approved – explained Amina Zaripova. – But we already know that at two places – the three candidates – 21-year-old Ekaterina Vedeneyeva, 20-year-old Ekaterina Selezneva and 17-year-old Maria Titova. They are quite capable to replace Yana Kudryavtsevs and Margarita Mamun in the upcoming competitions and to represent our country. Now on the basis of “Novogorsk” pass control training, which resulted in the gymnasts will determine by Irina Viner, who will perform at the Universiade. ”

    some news wrote it’s Ekaterina Vedeneyeva and Masha will compete, but I think it’s not decided yet. Both Masha and Selezneva said they don’t know at this moment.

    Irina Viner always likes to make the decision at last minute, so we have to wait. but I hope it’s not Masha to compete this time, Korea is not safe now.

  3. Another article: Zaripova: The first Russian team in rhythmic gymnastics will not attend the Universiade
    Zaripova, personal trainer of gymnast Margarita Mamun, has confirmed that the first team of Russia in rhythmic gymnastics will not go to the Universiade in South Korea Gwangju. She announced TASS correspondent.
    “At the Universiade we do not go,” – said Zaripova.
    Previously, that team will not go to South Korea because of the Middle East respiratory syndrome, she said after the competition gymnast in the exercise with a hoop at the European Games in Baku.

    note by Zoe: Why don’t they just skip this competition, if they think it’s dangerous to go to Korea? Except the first team, other girls’ health is very important too!

  4. It’s too early now, I think from Russia they still not decide who will compete in Universiade. It’s not safe in Korea now, I don’t know if I hope to see Masha competing.

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