Video Translation: Gymnast Maria Titova visited hometown (after Universiade 2015)

(Note by Zoe: at 2:34 in the video, from left to right, Masha’s grandmother, Masha’s former coach – Svetlana Fomina, Masha and Masha’s mom.)
News report link:
English translated by Alyona, Many Many Thanks!!!  [心][心][心]

Gymnast Maria Titova has brought silver and bronze medals of the XXVIII Summer Universiade to Zarechny. At the train station she was welcomed by her family members, friends, her first coach and the girls from Zarechny Gymnastics Center. The same morning she attended the press conference…
Gymnast Maria Titova Visited Hometown (after Universiade 2015) (Full ENG Translation PDF)
Gymnast Maria Titova Visited Hometown-SNAP

影片翻譯: 體操選手Maria Titova拜訪自己的家鄉
中譯: Zoe Wan

體操選手Maria Titova帶著第28屆夏季世界大學運動會的銀牌跟銅牌回札列奇內。她在火車站受到家人、朋友、第一任教練跟來自札列奇內體操中心的女孩們的歡迎。同一天的早上她參加了記者會。
影片翻譯-體操選手Maria Titova拜訪自己的家鄉 (中譯 PDF)
影片翻譯-體操選手Maria Titova拜訪自己的家鄉-SNAP

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