Video Translation: Gymnast Maria Titova visited hometown (after Universiade 2015)

(Note by Zoe: at 2:34 in the video, from left to right, Masha’s grandmother, Masha’s former coach – Svetlana Fomina, Masha and Masha’s mom.)
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English translated by Alyona, Many Many Thanks!!!  [心][心][心]

Gymnast Maria Titova has brought silver and bronze medals of the XXVIII Summer Universiade to Zarechny. At the train station she was welcomed by her family members, friends, her first coach and the girls from Zarechny Gymnastics Center. The same morning she attended the press conference… Continue reading


News clip translation: Russian Championships in Penza, 21-27 Apr 2014

A news clip released in April, English translated by Alyona!!! Many Many Thanks!!!

at 00:59 Masha says: “I am always warmly welcomed here. I recall times when I used to train here before. It’s always nice to come here but it’s been a long time since I was here last.”

Maria was awarded with the title International Master of Sports at the opening ceremony.


Translation: Short film about Masha “Maria Titova – the Swan” by russland TV

Many Thanks russland TV made this video!!! The German title means ” Maria Titova – the Swan” This is my website title and my website link is show in 1:53 [嘻嘻][偷樂][耶]

Billion Thanks my friend catts for English translation, RC for Chinese translation and Alyona for Russian translation!!!

In the world of Rhythmic Gymnastics, no other national team has a higher entry criteria than the team of the Russian Federation. This is what was filmed of the Russian National RG team in an international competition.  And Maria Titova has made the mark, and her followers scatter across not only in the Western and Eastern European countries but also in China.

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News Clip Translation-28th Galina Gorenkova Memorial-OMSK-2013

Article about the video:
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about Masha’s part

Russian champion Maria Titova, representing just three regions – Moscow , Omsk and Penza, won the main prize of the 28th Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament Memory Honored Coach of the USSR Galina Gorenkova .

Maria Titova deservedly took the first place, Continue reading


Maria Titova Montage: Vivaldi Cello Sonata V by Hershey ♥♥♥

Big Big Thanks my friend Hershey!!! This is Masha’s montage sharing with you, the music is “Vivaldi Cello Sonata V”

Watch it on tudou (for Chinese fans)

Maria Titova-Hoop-junior team competition-Happy Caravan Tashkent 2012


Masha ribbon-junior team competition-World Cup Kiev 2012

Thanks Marc, and I bought the video, here you are Masha’s ribbon 2012 in World Cup Kiev for junior team competition!!! I think she did well, better than I expected hahaha
music: “Romeo and Juliet” by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 


Many Congratulations to Masha for the win in the hoop final!!! WC Bucharest 2013

Award Ceremony Video


Training-Hopes of Moscow 2013, January

Masha-training photo-Hopes of Moscow 2013, January

And here’s the video, thanks the uploader!!!


Masha at press conference-GP Moscow 2013 (video)

at 0:280:38 Maria Titova says: “If you don’t make Irina Alexandrovna angry, then she is kind enough. She would never say bad to the good things and good to the bad ones.” (Big Thanks my friend Alyona for the translation)