News Clip Translation-28th Galina Gorenkova Memorial-OMSK-2013

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about Masha’s part

Russian champion Maria Titova, representing just three regions – Moscow , Omsk and Penza, won the main prize of the 28th Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament Memory Honored Coach of the USSR Galina Gorenkova .

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Masha will compete in 28th Galina Gorenkova Memorial Tournament in OMSK

Maria Titova-28th Galina Gorenkova Memorial Tournament-OMSK-2013-11
From November 27 to December 1 in Omsk will be the traditional, 28th in a row, the All-Russian competition in rhythmic gymnastics memory of Honored Coach of the USSR Galina Pavlovna Gorenkova. In the past, Zhenya Kanaeva competed in this competition many times, this year Vera Shtelbaums’ new student Maria Titova will take part in this competition, Good Luck to Masha!!! Wish her all the BEST!!!

I don’t know whether Zhenya will attend in this event or not, I will keep updating if I have more information.

Information about this event please read this article


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