Picture of the Day: Pure and Pretty Girl

Maria Titova-RUS Championships St. Petersburg 2013-136
I couldn’t help to create a post here for this photo, Mashen’ka (a kind way to call Maria 🙂 ) is just sooo pretty!!!!!! Such pure and beautiful !!! My eyes are almost blind hahaha [好喜歡][好喜歡][好喜歡] [好愛哦][好愛哦][好愛哦] Many thanks Sergey Antonishkis for this wonderful photo, this is his photos album: http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/sergej-antonishkis/
亮瞎我的雙眼美哭了啊 [淚][淚] [花心][花心][花心]

And he just uploaded another wonderful pic (800×1200), Masha’s ribbon in RUS Championships 2013
Maria Titova-RUS Championships St. Petersburg 2013-137

P.S. RUS RG team made photo session yesterday, I saw a pic of Masha…don’t like her make-up at all, too heavy!!! Mashen’ka doesn’t need heavy make-up, she is so young and beautiful, light make-up is enough. Hopefully, the photos would be good, I think soon we will see.

4 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: Pure and Pretty Girl

  1. @M, in the photo section, I posted all Masha’s photo album links in photobucket
    for RUS Championship 2013, I uploaded all in the event thread here with slide show
    and this is photobucket link for RUS Championships 2013
    click here (just updated today! 151 photos so far)

    Anyway, I uploaded all her photos here (all with slide show in each event post) and in photobucket and keep updating, except some competitions earlier this year and some photos before 2013 I only uploaded in photobucket.

  2. I know there was probably some touch up for that face pic but I really like it.

    I will check out the photo bucket

  3. @M, Her close-up face pic was taken by Oleg Naumov, I love that one too, but I prefer this one, the face photo is a bit unreal…anyway, I uploaded all Masha’s photos in RUS Championships St. Petersburg 2013 post, including that one as well as in my photobucket album, I always keep updating when I have new photos. I saw the photo session pic in Oleg’s instagram. It’s not her photo session pic, just a pic of she and Oleg, they took that pic maybe after the the photo session

  4. That’s a pretty picture. My favourite pic is on the Russia rhythmic gymnastics FB page where it is just her face..that one is really beautiful.

    Where did you see the pic of the Russia team photo session?

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