Balance between strength and elegance

Maria Titova the Swan-Wall-Balance between strength and elegance-1024-Zoe
Quoted from this article:
written by Мария Жданова (Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics choreographer)
Many Thanks my friend Alyona for the Translation!!!

“I enjoyed Maria Titova very much. I managed to get to the event finals and Maria impressed me with her clean execution technique. The ideal of the rhythmic gymnastics is a balance between strength and elegance. It’s a common practice when little girls are being over trained in terms of power training and at the age of seven-eight years old their growth slows: the muscles don’t let the bones grow. It is very obvious in artistic gymnastics. There short height and well developed muscles are the base of the sportive technique. Titova was not spoiled. Her body hasn’t been disfigured Continue reading