Grand Prix Moscow 2015, 20-22 Feb

Maria Titova-GP Moscow 2015-21
(photo by Dmitry Kashlikov, Many Many Thanks!!!)
Masha GP Moscow 2015 photos album check here

Masha performed gala in GP Moscow! almost the same program with 80th RG anniversary gala show, only the 2nd part is different, check my youtube channel for GP Moscow 2015 playlist

Participants list updated on 19th Feb (click here), Masha won’t compete this time…we have to wait a little bit to see her new routines. Because of preparing the 80th RG gala show, her new routines are not ready yet, thus she won’t compete this time.

In Moscow opens a new season of the biggest competitions in rhythmic gymnastics. News from Russian RG federation, click here .

About the participants, from Team Russia in the carpet will present: two-time absolute world champion Yana Kudryavtseva, World and European champion Margarita Mamun, world champion in the team Alexandra Soldatova, a multiple winner of major international tournaments Maria Titova and others.  And from other countries:  Melitina Staniouta (Belarus), Son Yeon Jae (Korea), Neta Rivkin Continue reading

29th Galina Gorenkova Memorial Tournament 2014, 10-14 Dec, OMSK

Maria Titova-Galina Gorenkova Memorial OMSK 2014-16Maria Titova-Galina Gorenkova Memorial OMSK 2014-18Maria Titova-Galina Gorenkova Memorial OMSK 2014-19
(photos by Александр Румянцев, many Thanks!!!)

This weekend Masha will perform gala in 29th Galina Gorenkova Memorial Tournament 2014 which will be held from 10 to 14 December in OMSK. Read news report about this competition here. Good Luck to Masha!!! Hopefully she will have good performance.[許願][許願][許願]

Olympic silver medalist Irina Chaschina and Olympic champion Kesnia Dudkina will attend the opening ceremony which will be held on 12 Dec 2014, read news here

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Russian Championships in Penza, 22-27 Nov 2014, Individual and Group (No Masha TAT)

VVx8eJ7wUpdated! Masha told me She won’t compete >< I guess it’s to give her a break and let her preparing new routines. BEST Wishes to Masha!!! [許願][許願][許願] – Zoe 22-Nov-2014

From 22 to 27 November 2014, Russian Championships will be held in Penza. Masha will compete. Good Luck to Mashenka!!! Wish her all the BEST !!! 臭小tt加油 !!! Davai !!! [加油啊][加油啊][加油啊][許願][許願][許願]

Official website: click here and here
Individuals: 25 gymnasts, born on 1998 and older.
Groups: 20 teams, born on 1999 and older.
Live stream
Day one: click here (finished)
Day two: click here (finished)
Day three: click here (finished)
Schedule: (local time GMT+3)
22 November
Day of arrival, the credentials committee for the admission of participants, accommodation, computerized draw, workout Continue reading

Viner-Usmanova: Russian rhythmic gymnast Maria Titova won’t perform at the Final Grand Prix in Innsbruck

Maria Titova the Swan-FB Banner-Angel and Demon
Poor Mashenka…I hope she gets well soon!!! [許願][許願][許願]

English translated by Alyona, Many Many Thanksss!!!!![心][心][心]
Article link:

Russian rhythmic gymnast Maria Titova won’t perform at the Final Grand Prix which takes part in Innsbruck, Austria, says the President of the Russian RG Federation Irina Viner-Usmanova. Russia will be represented by the only gymnast at this competition – Margarita Mamun.

The girls were supposed to fly yesterday but Titova got injured and we decided not to take risk, – says Viner on the telephone.

The tournament will take place in Insbruck, Austria on the 14-16 of November. In 2013 the Final Grand Prix took place in Berlin, Mamun celebrated the victory then and Titova was the silver medalist.

Grand Prix Final Innsbruck 2014, 14-16 Nov (Masha won’t compete TAT)

Maria Titova the Swan-FB Banner-Angel and Demon#2
Updated! Masha didn’t go to Innsbruck due to injury 😥 news link here Take good care of yourself Masha!!! I hope it’s not serious and wish you getting well soon!!!  [许愿][许愿][许愿] – Zoe 15-Nov-2014

This weekend Masha will take part in Grand Prix Final Innsbruck, this last stage of GP series 2014. Good Luck to Masha!!! Wish her all the BEST!!! [许愿][许愿][给力][给力]

Official website:
Participants: click here
Live stream:
Training schedule-14 Nov 2014
Schedule: (Local Time, GMT+1)
Friday, November 14th

8:30-11am: Public training of participants
12am: International Juniors Competition Continue reading

Grand Prix Brno 2014, 01-02 Nov

Maria Titova-Grand Prix Brno 2014-46

(photo by Viktorphoto, many thanks!!!) 
This weekend Masha will take part in Grand Prix Brno 2014. Good Luck to Masha!!! Wish her all the BEST!!! Davaiiiii!!!!!!!! [給力][給力][給力][加油啊][加油啊][加油啊]

Official website:
Facebook: click here (live score)
Masha Photos Album: click here
EF Start List: click here
Live Stream:
EF: 02 Nov 13:25 at here
Gala: 02 Nov 15:45 at here
Participants List:
Grand Prix

1. AUT – Natascha Wegscheider Continue reading

Berlin Masters 2014, 18-19 Oct

Maria Titova-Berlin Masters 2014-172
(1500×1000, photo by my friend RC, Billion Thanks!!!)
This weekend Masha will take part in Berlin Masters 2014. Masha, hope you can pull yourself together. Good Luck!!! Wish you all the BEST!!! GO GO GO!!! [加油啊][加油啊][加油啊][給力][給力][給力]

Official website:
EF Start List
Start List-Qualification (Thanks my friend RC)
EF Live Score: click here
EF Live Report: click here
AA Live Report: click here
Masha Photos Album: click here
Saturday 18 Oct: Grand Prix Qualification
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World Cup Minsk 2014, 30 May-01 June

Maria Titova-World Cup Minsk 2014-126
(photo by Pavel Suschyonok )
Masha will compete in World Cup Minsk 2014 this weekend! Good Luck to Masha!!! Wish her all the BEST !!!

check the information about this event below:
Official website:
Participants list:
Start List:
Live stream:
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Desio-Italy vs Russia-1st May 2014

Maria Titova-Italy vs Russia Desio 2014-13
(photo by Carlo Di Giusto many Thanks!!!)
Yesterday, Masha competed in the competition, Italy vs Russia in Desio. This competition included senior individual, junior individual and senior group. Mamun was the first in AA and Masha was the 2nd. Congrats to Masha!!!

Below are some information about this event:
Official website:
Senior Individual (Kudryavtseva only did 2 apparatus) Continue reading

Russian Championships Penza 2014, 21-27 April

Maria Titova-RUS Championships Penza 2014-61
Next week Russian Championships will be held in Penza. Masha will compete again. Good Luck to Masha!!! Wish Masha all the BEST!!! [給力][給力][給力]

Below are some information about this competition:
Official website:
On-line Broadcast: (22-26 April)
Participants List:
from RUS national team
1. Yana Kudryavtseva 1997
2. Margarita Mamun 1995
3. Alexandra Merkulova 1995
4. Anna Trubnikova 1996
5. Maria Titova 1997
6. Ekaterina Vedeneyeva 1994
7. Alexandra Soldatova 1998
8. Christina Dynina 1998
9. Diana Ibragimova 1998

Start List: 23-24 April

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