Maria Titova-EF Winner Interview-RUS Championships 2013-Translation

Big Big Thanks my friend Alyona for the English translation [心][心][心]

Masha says that her aim was to perform in a nice way and to live up to her coach’s expectations. It is a big honour for her to be trained by Vera Shtelbaums. She tries to do her best at the trainings and competitions. During this year she has changed many coaches and it was not easy to get used to a new one every time. Masha began to do gymnastics at the age of five when she was noticed by one RG coach on the street and invited to the gym. Later on she was invited by Amina Zaripova to the Center of Olympics in Moscow and this year she began to train in Novogorsk. She thinks that she had a good year in all, at some competitions she was rather successful, in some not really. But all in all it was a good year. She plans to work more and perform better and better. There is a chance for her to get to the Olympic team for Rio. But for that she needs to work day by day more and more. And her favorite routine was hoop because she is very confident in it.

Note by Zoe Wan: Well well done Mashen’ka!!! Big Big Congrats to you and your coach Vera Shtelbaums!!! I see you improve a LOT, keep working!!! You can do it!!!! Swan will grow up one day I believe!!! 🙂

Maria Titova-RUS Championships St. Petersburg 2013-93

3 thoughts on “Maria Titova-EF Winner Interview-RUS Championships 2013-Translation

  1. Congrats to her again! it is a great way to be finishing off the season or at least ending out this year at home. This is something to build on. It couldn’t have been easy to change coaches so often this year. She didn’t get the consistency because each of their styles are different.

    I am really happy for her.

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