Pictures of the Day: Masha wallpaper and Holon 2015 photos re-edit :)

Maria Titova the Swan-Wall-Ball 2015
I did a wallpaper and re-edited some photos I bought from Barny, here you are 🙂 Masha is just sooooooo beautiful!!!!!!! [心][心][心]

Grand Prix Holon 2015 + International Tournament, 15-16 May


Masha will compete in International Tournament in Holon, Israel this weekend. Ya another competition for her!!! Good Luck to Masha!!! Wish her all the BEST!!! 臭小t 加油!!! [给力][给力][hold住][hold住][hold住][許願][許願][許願]

Following are some information about this event.
Official website:
Live Stream:
Schedule: click here (local time: GMT+3)
Start List:
IT-Senior-Clubs+Ribbon (Masha in Group B)
Grand Prix-Finals
IT-Senior Groups  Continue reading

Pictures of the Day: Masha Black Swan Series

Maria Titova the Swan-Only in the darkness can you see the stars-Black Swan Series-01
Only in the darkness can you see the stars – Martin Luther King Jr.

Masha’s hoop 2013 routine is still my favorite swan lake in this Olympic cycle. 🙂
All the photos taken by Barny Thierolf, re-edited by Hershey and Zoe Wan


Pictures of the Day: Masha Warming Up- Black and White series

Maria Titova-brno2013-wp-01
Re-edited some Masha’s warming up photos in black and white. All the photos taken by Barny Thierolf .
Here your are 🙂
at photobucket: click here


Translation: Masha Q and A (information from vk)

Maria Titova the Swan-Wall-Gala
Information from Masha’s fans page in vk, check here .
English translated by my friend Alyona, many thanks!!!

Q: There was information in Mass Media that Irina Viner included Masha to preliminary team to prepare for the Olympics in Rio.
Masha: Are you serious? I hear it for the first time. I have no time to follow Mass Media. I need to ask Irina Alexandrovna about it. In any case there is long way to the Olympics and to get there one needs to work really hard. (note by Zoe Wan: about this question, I think the report of mass media was long time ago, it was in 2013. Now the situation is different…) 

Q: Two years ago Masha was about 38 kgs and her coach made her keep a diet. Is she still starving?
Masha: Chocolate and buns are prohibited. Continue reading

Maria Titova Wikipedia Chinese page

Maria Titova the Swan-Avatar-Chinese Name-Hoop
I created Masha’s wiki Chinese version page, 瑪麗亞·媞托娃 I will keep updating. Chinese content is a bit different with English version. If you have any question, it’s very welcome to ask me. 🙂
我編寫了臭小t的中文版維基條目, 瑪麗亞·媞托娃 我會持續更新. 中文版內容跟英文版有點不一樣. 如果你有任何問題, 歡迎提出! 🙂

Banners: Masha 2015 Routines Series

Banners for Masha 2015 four routines.


Maria Titova 瑪麗亞·媞托娃-Avatar-Chinese Name Series

Masha’s name in Chinese is 瑪麗亞·媞托娃
Ma=瑪 ri=麗 (means beautiful) a=亞, her last name, Ti=媞 to=托 va=娃, especially Ti=媞, I choose this Chinese word, love it very much, its meaning in Chinese is wonderful, fine, glorious, or fragrant. It’s a very good word, I think it suit Masha very well. 🙂
Here’s the avatars I did, putting her name in Chinese on the pics 😉

Russian Championships Penza 2015 (individuals), 16-19 April

Maria Titova-28th MTM Competition Ljubljana 2015-42-re-edit
(photo by MS Multimedija, re-edit by Zoe Wan)
From 16 to 19 April 2015, Russian Championships for individuals will be held in Penza. Masha will compete!!! Good Luck to Masha!!! Wish Masha all the BEST!!! Davai !!! [给力][给力][给力][hold住][hold住][hold住][许愿][许愿][许愿]

According to this article: “participation in the competition will be about 110 gymnasts from all federal districts, including gymnasts of the Russian team – Alexandra Soldatova, Dina and Arina Averina, Ekaterina Selezneva, Yulia Sinitsyna, Ekaterina Vedeneeva and repeated winner of the Grand Prix series, gymnast, advocating for Penza region – Maria Titova. The most titled gymnasts, Continue reading

28th MTM Competition 2015 in Ljubljana (SLO), 3-5 April

Maria Titova-28th MTM Competition Ljubljana 2015-32
(photo from here , many thanks!!!)
Yes!!! Finally Masha will will compete in 28th MTM Competition 2015 in Ljubljana, Slovenia this weekend. Good Luck to Masha!!! Wish Masha all the BEST!!! Davai!!! 加油臭小t!!! [給力][給力][給力][許願][許願][許願]
Live stream:
news about this competition: click here
Ljubljana, 27 March 2015: Just a few days left until 28 MTM, the largest international competition in rhythmic gymnastics in the Central European region, organized by the KRG NATIONAL DOM LJUBLJANA, under the auspices of the World Gymnastics Federation FIG, Gymnastics Association of Slovenia and the Municipality Ljubljana. We will be hosting the best riders of the world! Among the big stars, we expect Mario Titova, Neta Rivkin, Yulia Sinitsyna, Continue reading