Masha!Good Luck in Thiais!!!

Masha will compete in GP Thiais this weekend, Wish her all the BEST! Good Luck and Davai Mashaaaa !!!

Here’s some information about this competition:
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Program of Saturday, March 30, 2013
13 h 45 to 14 h 00 Presentation of individual gymnasts and judges Continue reading

Maria Titova photo montage-ordinary-artistic-funny

This is a very popular activity in mainland China for a while, to do a photo montage for a famous person with three types’ photos: ordinary, artistic and funny (silly or crazy) to show the big difference. So I did one for Masha XD Actually it’s difficult to find a photo that she was too crazy, funny or silly. She is always so decent in my eyes. Haha I like that. ❤

這是大陸很前陣子流行的, 幫名人做一個照片拼貼, 3個主題, 普通青年, 文藝青年跟2B青年. 2B在大陸用語的意思就是犯傻的意思, 我的理解是也可以當很耍寶吧. 所以幫小TT也做了一個拼貼, 不過她根本沒什麼很2B的照片, 怎樣看都一副乖樣, 哈哈哈, 我喜歡她這樣子 ❤

Success in the land of promise

(photo by Oleg Naumov-Russia Championships Penza 2012)

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In the Israel city of Holon ended the second stage of the Grand Prix series in rhythmic gymnastics.
The most prestigious tournament in the promised land brought together 250 of the strongest gymnasts from twenty countries. Russian women managed to collect in its collection of nearly all the gold medals, except for one — in the apparatus clubs. More than successfully proved herself on “Grand Prix Holon” Maria Titova. In addition to the gold medal in the exercise with ribbon, zarečenka won the bronze medal in the exercise with a hoop (note by Zoe Wan: she didn’t win bronze in hoop, ranked 4th, but is 3rd in the score).  ”It was one of her most successful performances in the national team of Russia, shared her impressions of the first coach of our «star» Svetlana Fomina.