World Cup Pesaro 2013, 26-28 April

Masha flew to Italy today for World Cup Pesaro 2013, competition will be held on 26-28 April. God Luck to Masha!!! Wish her all the BEST !!! Davai Masha!!! Plus ITA and BLR seniors groups will compete first time in this season, their debut!!! 🙂 A very exciting competition, can’t wait!!! (but RUS national group won’t be there…Kazan senior group instead.)

Below are some information about this competition

Official website:
ITA Gymnastic Federation website: click here
Participants List:
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Masha, Hold your ball tight!!! 小TT, 抱緊你的球!!! :DDD

Masha, Hold your ball tight!!! 小TT, 抱緊你的球!!! :DDD
photo by Barny Thierolf, avatar by Zoe

And I made a gif

it was Masha sitting in the kiss and cry after her ball routine in qualification in WC Bucharest. She had a silly drop there, her reaction was so cuute…but well Masha please tell the ball to listen to you! Then I won’t have the chance to do another this kind gif next time XD.
小TT 你8要打偶, 我把你在WC Bucharest 球操資格賽時在等分區的 [囧] 樣(萌樣 >////<) 做成gif   [偷笑] 下回要你的球球聽話點 乖 就不會被做成gif 哈哈哈哈 

World Cup Bucharest 2013, 19-21 April

(Maria Titova-Gala-WC Bucharest  2013-photo by Barny Thierolf)

Last week, Masha told me she will go to Romania, I think she will compete in WC Bucharest 2013 this weekend. Now I got the information, She will fly to Romania tomorrow and I read Daria Svatkovskaya will fly there too. Good Luck to Masha!!! Wish her all the BEST!!! Davaiiii Masha!!!!!

Following are some information about this competition: (sorry not many)

Official website:
Participants list: click here (updated 16th April )
Start List for senior individual: click here (updated 16th April)
Start lists of Irina Deleanu Cup (Juniors, Seniors, Groups)
Broadcast: (qualification only) and (EF)

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Masha-ordinary-artistic-funny-episode 3 :DD

偶做上癮了, Masha 小TT之”普通青年-文藝青年跟2B青年” 三部曲, 這是第三張. 偶知道偶知道最右那張完全不2B, 因為這孩子2B的照片真的太難找了 TAT 

Masha-ordinary-artistic-funny-photo montage episode 3 :DD
OK, I know the right one is not silly (crazy) at all, but it’s too difficult to find a crazy photo of her, she is always so decent TAT…

Maria Titova, the Black Swan (Irina Viner’s comment translation)

Posted in tumblr at 4th April 2013

Translated by My friend Alyona, from this article:
press conference GP Moscow 2013

Just translated the part about Masha!

‘Highly professional specialists continue working with the National Team’ – explained Irina Usmanova-Viner . Thus, the teachers from ‘The Igor Moiseev Folk Dance Ensemble’ helped to choreograph some routines.

‘The circus artists helped the girls to prepare the clubs routine. Serious work is done with the youngest members of the team as well. Thus, Maria Titova, who is going to be 16 this year, has a very difficult hoop routine – Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’. ‘Black Swan’, ‘Vdol  po ulitse metelitsa metyot’ (Russian folk song) – for the ball, and for the ribbon she preferred ‘My Fair Lady’. (note by Zoe: I could have danced all night)

‘Masha used to be quite a shy girl’ – says Viner-Usmanova. ‘She didn’t realize who she was. I made her realize how beautiful she was,

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