The chairman of Omsk region Vera Shtelbaums was nominated for the National award in sports

Maria Titova-III Summer Games 2014, 15-20 Jul, Kazan-05
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The award is presented by the Ministry of sports. The famous coach from Omsk Vera Shtelbaums is one of the finalists nominated for the National award in 2014.

Every year the Ministry of sports determines the winners of the award in sports. Continue reading

Mamun and Titova will defend the colors of Russia in the final of the Grand Prix of Rhythmic Gymnastics

Maria Titova-WC Sofia 2014-03
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Margarita Mamun and Maria Titova, participants of the latter Grand Prix in Czech Republic, will also represent Russia in the Final Grand Prix which will take part in Innsbruck, Austria on the 14-16 November, says information agency ITAR-TASS referring to the decision of the Head of the National Team Irina Viner. Continue reading

Translation: Short film about Masha “Maria Titova – the Swan” by russland TV

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In the world of Rhythmic Gymnastics, no other national team has a higher entry criteria than the team of the Russian Federation. This is what was filmed of the Russian National RG team in an international competition.  And Maria Titova has made the mark, and her followers scatter across not only in the Western and Eastern European countries but also in China.

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Vera Shtelbaums: Many People Don’t Like The Hegemony of The Russians in Rhythmic Gymnastics

Maria Titova-GP Moscow 2014-159
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Vera Shtelbaums, the Coach of the two-time Olympic Champion Evgenia Kanaeva, tells about her favorite student soon becoming a mother and about the hegemony of the Russians in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

The first yearly Grand Prix in Rhythmic Gymnastics has started in Moscow and collected the strongest representatives of this sport. As usual, at the first start of the season, the girls are trying their new routines. The Honored Coach of Russia Vera Shtelbaums, personal coach of a silver medalist of Athens Irina Chaschina and the only two-time Olympic Champion Evgenia Kanaeva, shares her impressions on the traditional spring competitions.

– You were smiling while watching the performance of the girl from South Africa. Are the horizons of the Rhythmic Gymnastics expanded?
– Of course! And it is very nice that every year new faces appear and more and more countries become a part of Rhythmic World. Continue reading

Irina Viner-Usmanova: we have tried every possible way to escape from this dullness, and at the moment we have been able to achieve it

Maria Titova the Swan-Inner Stregth-Zoe
Originally written in Russian by Inna Kuznetsova
posted on on 02-03-2014
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Today, 2 March, the Grand Prix Rhythmic Gymnastics competition in Moscow has come to an end. Russia’s Margarita Mamun won routines in hoop, ball and clubs, and came second in ribbon . Maria Titova excelled in the ribbon routine and came second in ball. Yana Kudryavtseva was second in hoop and clubs. In the group competitions, the Russians won the 10 clubs routine, as well as the 3 balls and 2 ribbons . Inna Kuznetsova (tournament results special correspondent of the Sport information Agency “All Sport”) interviewed Irina Viner-Usmanov, the president of the Russian Gymnastics Federation and the head coach in rhythmic gymnastics

‘To stage Grand Prix in Moscow every year opens the season and shows who is who and what is what, what we managed to do right, and what went wrong,’ said Irina Viner. ‘Now, we can begin to correct what was done wrong. Continue reading

News Clip Translation-28th Galina Gorenkova Memorial-OMSK-2013

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about Masha’s part

Russian champion Maria Titova, representing just three regions – Moscow , Omsk and Penza, won the main prize of the 28th Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament Memory Honored Coach of the USSR Galina Gorenkova .

Maria Titova deservedly took the first place, Continue reading

Balance between strength and elegance

Maria Titova the Swan-Wall-Balance between strength and elegance-1024-Zoe
Quoted from this article:
written by Мария Жданова (Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics choreographer)
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“I enjoyed Maria Titova very much. I managed to get to the event finals and Maria impressed me with her clean execution technique. The ideal of the rhythmic gymnastics is a balance between strength and elegance. It’s a common practice when little girls are being over trained in terms of power training and at the age of seven-eight years old their growth slows: the muscles don’t let the bones grow. It is very obvious in artistic gymnastics. There short height and well developed muscles are the base of the sportive technique. Titova was not spoiled. Her body hasn’t been disfigured Continue reading

Gymnast Titova did not think of winning in the Russian Championship prior to the start of the tournament

Maria Titova-RUS Championships St. Petersburg 2013-107
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 on 03-11-2013
Originally written in Russian by Ivan Tugarin, Translated and edited by catts

Maria Titova said, prior to the start of the Russian RG championship, her goal was not about taking first place but to perform as good as possible.

Russian RG championship ended on Sunday in St. Petersburg. Titova came first in all four individual apparatus, but remained below the winners in the all-around competitions.

“Of course, I’m happy with my performance, but most importantly, the trainer was pleased. Continue reading

Maria Titova-EF Winner Interview-RUS Championships 2013-Translation

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Masha says that her aim was to perform in a nice way and to live up to her coach’s expectations. It is a big honour for her to be trained by Vera Shtelbaums. She tries to do her best at the trainings and competitions. During this year she has changed many coaches and it was not easy to get used to a new one every time. Continue reading

Irina Viner naming Masha the face of RG because she is much alike with Maya Plisetskaya!

Maya Plisetskaya and Maria Titova
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Yana Batyrshina said: “It is not a secret for anyone that Masha Titova is Irina Viner’s favourite. Our head coach predicts her Olympic gold, naming her the face of RG because she is much alike with Maya Plisetskaya.” (Legend Russian ballerina!)

Ни для кого не секрет, что любимица Ирины Винер — Маша Титова. Главный наставник нашей команды прочит ей олимпийское золото, называя эту девочку лицом художественной гимнастики, потому что по фактуре она очень похожа на Майю Плисецкую.

OMG!!!!!!!!!! Irina Viner really has VERY high expectation on Masha!!! I just hope she can improve step by step. Because no matter what, hard working is the most important. May God Bless Masha!!!

Maria Titova-Avatar-Peaceful Beauty-by Hershey